What we do

Cats Protection North Antrim and Glens Branch is a small group of dedicated volunteers working from their own homes. Previously known as the Ballymena and Coleraine branches. 

Feral/Stray Cats

Our branches primary purpose is for the assistance of feral/stray unowned cats in our area.
We currently offer Trap Neuter Return (TNR) assitance for feral/stray cats or colonies of cats, to prevent overpopulation. This is a free charity service, though donations are always welcome. We can also assist with the trapping and treatment of injured stray/feral cats - should you have an emergency or urgent request please email enquiries@northantrimandglens.cats.org.uk as emails go straight to our volunteers (rather than our phoneline, which is recieved and communicated to us via the national cat helpline so can be delayed). If it cannot wait, please seek out assistance from your local vets. As we are all simply volunteers, we may not always be able to provide an immediate response though we try our best to get back to everyone promptly. 

Due to persisting issue from lockdowns, the pandemic and cost of living crisis we currently have a very large waiting list for TNR help - we are getting through this as fast as we can, but we have no less than 300 cats on our list right now, and only a few volunteers. We will prioritise very large colonies or cats when we can, but we are unpaid volunteers so can only try to help as fast as we can. 

Pet Cats

If you have a pet cat, Cats Protection can provide financial assistance for neutering for low income owners or those in reciept of benefits, via it's £10 subsidised neutering scheme. 


We currently have very limited foster space available. We are not an adoption centre - our foster volunteers do this from their own homes, and so our space is dependent on these few volunteers. 

We may have kittens or cats available for adoption, please check our 'Adopt a Cat - Currently up for adoption' page or our facebook page for cats currently seeking homes. 

Please note we cannot assist with the removal or rehoming of feral (unfriendly/unsocialised) cats or kittens for welfare reason, and also that this is extraordinarily hard to achieve. We do not have anywhere for them, and so they must be returned if past the age they can become friendly pet cats. 

Lost/Found Cats

We can provide advice and assistance around lost/found cats, and our facebook page 'Cats Protection Ballymena Branch - Lost & Found' can help to share lost/found cat appeals.

Please email enquiries@ballymena.cats.org.uk if you have any queries or would like a post shared, or you can message our facebook page directly if you have facebook. 

If space is available we may be able to assist with stray cats if no owner comes forward, but this is very much dependent on our limited space.