Lost and Found

What to do about a stray cat

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PLEASE get your cat micro-chipped. The first thing any animal charity or vet will do with a stray cat is check for a micro-chip, if one is found the owners details can be accessed immediately and the cat reunited with it's owner. Stray cats are only kept by most charity's including the Cats Protection for 2 weeks, they are advertised during this time, if no owner comes forward the cat is then put up for adoption!! this could be your beloved pet!!.

It is also very important to remember, if you change address to update the details listed for the micro-chip.

You should also try:

  • Search your neighbourhood immediately, leaving the description of your missing pet and your contact details with as many people as possible. Remember to speak to any postmen or other service personnel that cover a wide area.
  • Call your vets, local animal warden and  local welfare centres
  • Place posters everywhere you can - local shops, vets, restaurants, supermarkets.
  • Visit other Lost and Found Pet websites, and register your missing pet's details with as many as possible.
You may also find it useful to register your pets details with the nationwide networks www.petlog.org.uk and  www.animalsearchuk.com