Update from our Branch Welfare Officer

Calls to the branch have drastically reduced since the start of this emergency and we have had to curtail a lot of our work. HOWEVER we are concerned that there are stray mums with kittens or pregnant mums that you might be aware of but think we are unable to help. If you have found a stray mum with kittens, a cat you think is pregnant or young abandon kittens PLEASE call our Catline 01268 285778 for help and advice.



We are a local branch of the Registered Charity Cats Protection. We help cats in our part of Essex and cover postcode areas SS11 to SS17, CM11 to CM15. You can read more about us on our "About us" page.

Cats Protection in England has over 250 branches and 36 centres country wide. Each branch is run by unpaid volunteers who devote themselves to the welfare of cats and kittens who  are abandoned or unwanted. You can find out about other branches by visiting our National Charity's website at www.cats.org.uk