Did you know?

  • A female cat can start to reproduce from six months old and have up to three litters a year with five or six kittens per litter.
  • In 5 years, one unneutered female cat can be responsible for 20,000 descendents.
  • Male cats are fertile as early as four months old and each can impregnate hundreds of female cats every year.
  • An unneutered male cat is more likely to be at risk from fight injuries and road accidents.
  • A neutered cat is healthier, happier and more affectionate and undoubtedly will have a longer life.
There are approximately 8 million domesticated cats in the UK and at least a million undomesticated (feral) cats. We do not know how many stray cats there are in the Basildon area, but every year we are asked to take in a never-ending number of unwanted cats and kittens.

So what are we doing about it?

Every adult cat (over 4 months of age) taken in by the branch is neutered before it is rehomed. Also, we ensure that every kitten we rehome is neutered by its new owner at the appropriate time by offering free neutering at a local vet we use.

Our Neutering Scheme

We always run a special scheme locally to help less well-off cat owners in the Basildon, Brentwood & District area to get their cats neutered. To be eligible for this scheme, owners must be on benefit (eg Income Support, Job Seekers Allowance, Incapacity Benefit etc) or be on a pension and live in the post codes covered by our branch – SS11 to SS17 or CM11 to CM15 and their cat/kitten should be 5 months or older when applying. We offer vouchers  for both male and female cats which can be used as payment or part payment at any vet that will accept them (not all vets do). 

Please also note that availability of neutering appointments at local vets may be affected by the current Pandemic regulations.  

To apply please call us on 01268 543283. Our message service will ask you for all the information that we need to consider your application, and pass that on to our neutering officer.  If you qualify, you will be sent an email to advise you that your vouchers have been sent out to you in the post, which we now have to do, due to GDPR (Data Protection) regulations.  We ask that you do not book your appointment at a vet until you have received your voucher(s) and our covering letter, which you should read carefully. 

If you know any one who might need our help, please ask them to get in touch.

Let’s make every cat a wanted and pampered cat !

                                           last updated 12 April 2022