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This handsome tabby chap is Tigger. Tigger is the Belfast Adoption Centre's current sponsor cat. 

Tigger came into the care of the Belfast Adoption Centre after he was involved in a nasty road traffic accident and badly fractured his femur. Tigger hasn't had much luck in his short life so far and has definitely used up a couple of his nine lives in the process! However we are determined to turn Tigger's run of bad luck around and find him a fantastic forever home.

If you are unable to offer Tigger a forever home then you can still show your support by sponsoring Tigger during his time at the Belfast Adoption Centre for as little as 19p per day. Your sponsorship will help provide Tigger with food, shelter, essential veterinary care and lots of TLC from Cats Protection's staff and volunteers. In return you'll receive regular updates from Tigger and your sponsorship will be automatically transferred to the next sponsor cat when Tigger finds his forever home.

You can find out more about Tigger and Cats Protection's sponsorship scheme here: Sponsor Tigger

Thank you xx