All Cats Protection Kittens are Vet Checked and Vaccinated

A family in Driffield purchased two kittens from a seller in Hull, costing £40.00 each at the end of the week or on Saturday. Neither of the cats had a tail, the black kitten not even a tiny stump. They brought the kittens to Cats Protection on Sunday morning because they had attacked the children. The kittens moved to a fosterer who soon realised the black kitten was incontinent. A trip to the vet today confirmed the black kitten was suffering from nerve damage as there was no tail for the nerves to extend into. A further examination revealed the kitten was unable to empty its bladder, hence the constant dripping because its bladder was so full. The sad decision was made to put the kitten to sleep as surgery was not possible. Fortunately the tabby has a tiny stump of a tail and seems fit and healthy.
Please remember all the kittens from Cats Protection have been vet checked and had their first vaccination.