Lost and Found

Please contact lostandfound@bexley.cats.org.uk
or call 07725 004265 and it will be placed on our lost and found register

We recommend that cats are always kept in at night, that they are micro-chipped and that, if a collar is desired (a fast release clip NOT a buckle) , make it a reflective one, If your cat is micro-chipped, please be sure to keep the unification company up to date with any changes of address/phone numbers etc.   

If your cat does go missing, keep calling him at regular intervals. Normally the missing animal is locked in a shed or garage. Either knock at the doors of your neighbours and ask them to check, or put leaflets through letterboxes -  further than immediate neighbours  ie roads surrounding your home, cats do not follow paths like we do. Notify the unification company and local vets and also local rescue charities.  A poster outside your front entrance will catch the eye of passers by  who you may not have leafleted, and will encourage discussions if the cat has been sighted.

But please notify us if the cat is found, otherwise precious time and resources can be wasted trying to contact already reunited owners.......

If you find a cat, please do the same - notify us, your local vets and possibly put up a notice, but not giving out too many details on the notice. Cats can be taken for a variety of reasons and the stealing of other people's cats is not to be encouraged. All rescue organisations and veterinary clinics have a scanner to trace a planted microchip. Anyone of these will scan the cat for no charge.

We will put the 'found' cat on our Waiting List, and if the owner is not eventually found and no-one in the vicinity is prepared to adopt it after a decent period, we will endeavour to take him in to one of our pens and rehome after the usual veterinary checks and treatment. However, please be aware that this may not be for a while in most cases, as all rescue centres are overwhelmed with abandoned animals.