Lost and Found

Lost Cat
Unfortunately at some point we have all lost a cat or have had a cat go wandering and it can be a very anxious period. 

What you can do
Contact us and various shelters in your area as well as the Bolton and Surrounding Lost and Found Facebook pages with the following information

Location (your street name and postcode)
Cat name, is he/she microchipped
Any distinctive coloring or markings
And most importantly a recent photo

Contact your local vets, newsagents and pet stores and it is helpful to make a mini poster that they will be able to put up in their shop and surgery.

Knock on your neighbours doors (it helps to visit all your neighbours within a block radius) and ask them to have a look around in their gardens, garages and sheds.

Find out whether anybody has had any building work done or any artisans visit their property as cats do have a habit of being nosy and might have jumped into the back of the van or, as it has been known, even in a toolbox.

Leave their dirty litter tray outside your back door as cats tend to smell it for quite a distance and it might help a lost cat to find its way back home.

If your cat returns, please do let us and the various shelters know that he/she has returned as we all tend to keep an eye out just on the off chance that someone might find him/her.

It  helps to have your cat microchipped as most finders will have a cat scanned once found and it will help them to return your much beloved family member.

Found Cat
If you have a cat who visits your property often, and you are not sure whether he/she belongs to someone you can put a paper collar around their neck and if they return with it still on the next time then you can presume it is lost or a stray.  In these situations you can contact local shelters or take the cat to a vet to be scanned in case they are chipped which makes it so much easier to find their owner.

The links below will take you to two of the largest lost and found pet registers in the UK.