Are you looking for a farm cat?

16 July 2023

Some cats, while not necessarily classed as feral, are still very fearful of humans and need a home where they can live outdoors and away from people. You may often find these sorts of cats on farms or in rural areas. We love cats, but we also have to admit that not all cats necessarily love us! Some find it stressful to be around people and so need a home where they can have more space than a ’normal‘ home might offer.If you are able ...

Donations of food/toys/bedding

13 November 2018

We all know that cats can love a certain brand of food one day then turn their noses up at the same food the next day. Maybe you have some food that your cat no longer wants. Well, rest assured, one of the cats or kittens in our care will be grateful for it. If you would like to donate food/toys or bedding please get in touch by calling: 07760 780759 or emailing: Donations are always welcome and we love it when our supporters get ...