2022 Agenda for Cats


Cats Protection is the UK's leading feline welfare charity and we "speak up for

cats".  In 2016 we helped nearly 190,000 cats.  Cats are one of the nation's

favourite pets.  an estimated 24% of homes in the UK have a cat with an

estimated population of 11 million cats.

We are asking Candidates standing for election to Parliament to support our

Agenda for Cats and "Speak up for cats" in Parliament if they are elected.




Cats and air guns:

we want air gun licensing to be introduced in England and Wales, as it already is in Northern

Ireland and Scotland, to prevent injury to or death of cats shot by such weapons


Microchipping of cats:

we want microchipping of owned cats to be compulsory across the UK to aid the reunification

of cats that are lost or injured with their owners. We are also keen to

work with others to promote greater awareness of the benefits of microchipping cats.


Breeding of cats for sale:

we want regulation where cats are bred commercially to ensure that all cats are bred with good

welfare standards


Cats and housing providers:

we want all housing providers to have responsible pet policies to enable individuals to own and

keep pets, including cats, and to reduce the separation of pets from their owners when they



Cats entering the UK:

we want enhanced border checks for every cat entering the UK so that their details are

recorded on a national database to aid traceability of cats coming into the UK


Dog attacks on cats:

we support widespread community policing initiatives, such as Local Environmental

Awareness of Dogs (LEAD) run by the Metropolitan Police. We also want strengthened

legislation to prevent dog attacks on cats


Cats and the curriculum:

we want animal welfare education to be included in the national curriculum to help children

learn about responsible pet care


Cats and personal wellbeing:

we want the benefits of cats and other companion animals to be routinely taken into

consideration by health and welfare professionals when they are assessing an individual’s

care needs to aid the emotional wellbeing of those needing care


Products toxic to cats:

we want clear labelling of flowers, plants and household products that are toxic to cats so cat

owners know which to avoid. We would also like to see the widespread availability of an

affordable, non-toxic alternative to antifreeze to avoid cats being killed by this poisonous



Cats and snares:

we want snares to be banned to prevent inhumane and cruel suffering, injury to or death of

animals, which includes cats.


If you are a candidate for the forthcoming general election on 8 June 2017 and would like to contact Cats Protection to express your support for this agenda please e-mail: advocacy@cats.org.uk


For more information please visit www.cats.org.uk/2022agenda