National Black Cat Day

Black Cat Day Banner
Some heroes go unseen.

For too long black cats have waited in the shadows as their colourful counterparts found homes. In 2017 alone, black cats took 13% longer to rehome than cats of any other colour.

It’s time to recognise these unsung heroes.

27 October is National Black Cat Day, a time to recognise the beautiful black cats in our lives and raise awareness of those still waiting for a loving home.

Over the last month, we’ve seen dark furred defenders from across the UK thanks to all your amazing #MyBlackCatHero competition entries. The competition is now closed while we review all your stories of everyday black cat heroism – check back on the 27 October to see who won a place on our team of supercats.

Meanwhile, you can show your support for black cats everywhere by using the #MyBlackCatHero and #BlackCatDay hashtags on FacebookTwitterand Instagram or picking up a gift for a good cause in the Black Cat Day shop.

Text CATS to 70020 to donate £5 a month to the heroic cats in our care. Your donation will help find loving homes for cats of every colour.

If you're thinking of welcoming a black cat hero into your own home (or a marvellous moggy of any colour), use our Find-a-cat tool to search for your perfect feline friend by lifestyle and location.

Because all heroes deserve a happy ending.