New Simon's Cat Christmas animation focuses on seasonal safety

Simon's Cat
The latest video in the Simon’s Cat Logic is focused on keeping your cat safe and calm during the festive season. Christmas can be a confusing time for cats, with unfamiliar smells and sounds having an effect on stress levels.

Behaviour Manager Nicky Trevorrow shares her top tips on a hassle-free Christmas, including advice on decorations, festive food and even the perfect gift to buy your cat. 

The advice is followed by five festive animations. ‘Santa Claws’ looks at a cat’s obsession with Christmas trees, while ‘Sticky Tape’ focuses on the perils of gift wrapping with a cat around! ‘Little Box’ shows a cat enjoying a cardboard box – the ideal Christmas gift for felines, while ‘Fowl Play’ is centred around a cat attempting to get hold of a delicious Christmas turkey.

If you would like to watch the video please click here: What do cats want for Christmas?