When we admit a cat or kitten to our care, we match the foster placement available to their needs. We operate a waiting list and we will contact you when a suitable space becomes available. Every cat or kitten coming into our branch will be seen by a vet to ensure we can give them the best possible care.

It really helps us if you can provide as much information as possible with your rehoming request. To do this, we would be grateful if you could send us a new email to: and please include the information listed below: (we recommend you copy this into the body of your email)

Owner's name :
Address :
Email :
Telephone number :

For each cat you would like us to rehome:

Name :
Age :
Sex :
Is the cat neutered:
Is the cat microchipped:
Is the cat vaccinated up to date:
When was the cat last treated for fleas and worms and which product was used?
Any health issues:
Behaviour issues :
Is the cat friendly?
Can you tell us a little bit more about their personality?
Do they get on with other cats?
Do they get on with dogs?
Do they get on with children?
Is the cat indoor only or does it go outside?
Are you able to put the cat in a carrier?
Are you able to help us by dropping the cat off at one of our vets?
The reason for needing to rehome the cat is :

If the cat is a stray, which steps did you undertake to find its owner?

If you are contacting us about kittens born outside, please call our helpline as well as sending an email : 07760780759.