Neuter and chip your cat for £10

Cats Protection champions neutering as the only effective way to reduce the number of unwanted cats in the UK and we neuter around 150,000 each year.  We believe that getting your cat neutered before they can breed is an essential part of responsible cat ownership, which is why we recommend that kittens are neutered at four months old.  We are campaigning to limit other breeding such as the irresponsible back street breeders and to ensure there are better safeguards for the commercial sale of all types of cats.

Microchipping your cat will ensure that you can be contacted if the cat gets lost and it is scanned for a chip.

This campaign is open to all cat owners but if you are on certain benefits or on a low income, we can cover the full cost of the neuter and chip.

You need to: 

  • Send us a NEW email to
  • Write 'Neutering' in the subject line
  • Main part of message: just follow the example below, writing in your own details: 

Telephone number:

Cat’s details:

We will reply to you with a list of vets participating in our campaign so you can let us know which would be the vet of your choice from this list.

We then send a voucher to the named vet.
We aim to ensure that the voucher will arrive at a vets about two weeks after we have received a request. The owner usually needs to then contact the vet themselves, having given time for the voucher to arrive. When the owner is told that their vouchers have arrived, cats can then be booked in for neutering and chipping.

For your interest
You will need a secure, strong carrier for each cat to be neutered so that they can be transported to the vets safely.

If you are going to have your cats neutered, this shows that you are a responsible owner who really cares about your cat's welfare and health. PLEASE encourage as many other people you come across to do the same.
PLEASE CONTACT US BY EMAIL - - OR BY PHONE: Our number is  07760 780 759
We never ask a vet to put a healthy cat to sleep.