Adopting a cat from us

If you think you would like to adopt one of our cats, please call Joanna on 01202 840543 or email

The cats we home have all been vet checked, microchipped, vaccinated, neutered (if old enough) and will have received preventative treatment for fleas and worms.

To give our cats the best possible chance in their new homes, we undertake short home visits prior to adoption, which helps us ensure you adopt a cat who is suitable for your location and situation and advise you as to any particular steps you may need to take with your new feline companion.

Despite our best efforts to keep the website up to date, the cats featured here may sometimes have already found new homes. Please don't forget to ask about any other cats in our care if the cat you call about has already been homed.

See the cats we have available for adoption


We sometimes have feral cats who also need good homes. Ferals are working cats, not suitable to be kept indoors but ideal for keeping mice and rats away from farms and stables. If you have an area of land, away from busy roads with suitable shelter perhaps you would consider homing some feral cats like these (See more about our feral cats).