Direct Homing Noticeboard

We deal with an enormous volume of requests to help with rehoming cats, and we can only help a limited number by bringing them into our own care. If we are unable to help ourselves, owners are welcome to advertise their cats for rehoming on this page and potential new owners can contact them directly. The cats shown here are not in branch care and the only information we know about them is shown here. Cats Protection have not seen these cats and cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information provided, especially regarding health or behaviour. Arrangements to adopt a Direct Homing cat will be made directly with the owners.

If you live in the Bournemouth area and would like to use our direct homing noticeboard, please email a photograph and short description of the cat to us, together with the contact numbers you would like us to publish for you.

 Joey Joey is a very cute, active, playful and a bit mischievous 4 month old. Small children adore him and he loves playing with them. He is currently the only pet in the household, but has interacted with other cats visiting his garden. Joey loves to curl up on a lap when he's tired himself out. He's looking for a new home as he has more energy than his current senior human companion!

If you have just the place for Joey, please contact Jackie on 07779 139926

Date posted: 19/09/17

 Mia Mia is a gorgeous 10 year old who needs a loving forever home as her owners circumstances will be changing in September. She is very sociable and laid back, but is used to a rural home where she can enjoy hunting and roaming at her leisure. She is spayed and chipped and vaccinations will be up to date. As you can see her fabulous coat will need some regular grooming.

If you think you can offer this beautiful lady a home, please contact Rosemary on

Date posted: 24/05/17

 Pumpkin Pumpkin is looking for a special home in the Romsey area. Salisbury CP are helping him by including his details here:

Pumpkin is a handsome black & white male, about 6 years old. He is a big boy who enjoys company and a fuss on his own terms, although he is not a lap cat and will let you know when he has had enough. He will need a new home with experienced owners who can spend plenty of time with him. Pumpkin came to us as a stray so we do not know how he would be with dogs or other cats. He is not suitable for a home with young children. Pumpkin is neutered, chipped and fully vaccinated.

Please contact Brian Corbett and Sandra Wright on 07810 502733 or email them at to find out more about Pumpkin.

Date posted: 30/04/17

 Buttons Buttons is a 4 year old black male Burmese. He loves Dreamies and is a big softie. He is used to living with Milky Way (whose details are below), a dog and also children but often stays away as he prefers his own peace. Buttons loves to sit on peoples' laps and in the sun or on a bed and have a nice fuss. He was neutered and vaccinated when he was a kitten and has no health issues.

Please contact Emma on 07808 208317 or at to find out more about Buttons and Milky Way.

Date posted: 16/03/17

Milky Way
 Milky Way Milky Way is a 4 year old black and white male. He is a VERY friendly cat and will approach anyone for a fuss! He has such a loving nature and is used to living with Buttons (whose details are above) a dog and children. He loves kids and often asks his 20 month old housemate for a fuss! He loves Dreamies and a good fuss at night but in the day loves to go and adventure, he is also a big fan of chasing toys! Like Milky Way was neutered and vaccinated when he was a kitten, and has no health issuesI

Please contact Emma on 07808 208317 or at to find out more about Milky Way and Buttons.

Date posted: 16/03/17

 Mowglee Mowgleei s a loving gentle cat that loves a good fuss. He is always up for a stroke or a play and loves treats and always comes to greet you when you come home. He will do best going to a new home as an only cat so he gets the attention he wants! As he is not too keen on toddlers he would suit a home with older children who know how to play with him. He is about 2 years old, neutered, chipped, vaccinated etc. He was used to having access to the outdoors but is currently restricted to indoors and his owner would like him to have a chance to enjoy the sunshine again.

Please contact Chloe on 07730770129 is you could give Mowglee the forever home he needs

Date posted: 04/03/17

Bolinhas and Fofinho
 Bolinhas and Fofinho Bolinhas and Fofinho need a loving home together with a very secure garden as they have been house cats until now but their owner thinks they would be happier in a new home with some access to the outdoors. They are 5 years old and have been together since kittens, they are used to children, both are male, neutered and Bolinhas needs to stay on a special diet to prevent crystals in his bladder.

If you can give a forever home to this lovely pair of cats please contact Selma at

Date posted: 16/02/17

Casper and Riley
 Casper and Riley Casper (black and white) and Riley (tabby) are brothers born in May 2012. They are loving, love human company and love cuddles. They are neutered, fully vaccinated and microchipped. They need to stay as a pair as they have never been apart. Casper is the chatty one and likes to sit on your lap to sleep and Riley is the cheeky one with the big belly, always first to investigate a loud noise or movement but also loves a tummy rub! They come complete with several items of cat paraphernalia if required to help them settle in to a new home! Reluctantly their owner is looking for a new home for them due to work commitments.

Please call Mel on 07739 319880 is you can offer this bonded pair a purrever home together.

Date posted: 02/12/16

 Cocoa Cocoa's guardian has to make the sad choice to find new homes for her cats as she cannot take them to her new home:

"Cocoa is 10 years old. She is neutered, wormed and deflead and is currently geting up to date with her vaccinations. She is a very quiet and a bit of a timid cat. She lives with 3 other cats but prefers her own space. She would suit being in a quiet house. She tends to stay in one place; once she finds her bed whether it's indoors or outside she will not move too far from her bed. She is a gentle little gem who loves talking to you. She has this funny little meow and she talks to you in her own cat language. She would be great company for an elderly person who is quiet and gentle and in return you will get lots of cats chats and she will show you her tummy to be rubbed. She loves that. She prefers biscuits but not a fussy cat. She has never been ill. In the 10 years I have had her have never had to take her to the vets for any ailments. To me she is beautiful as she has such a gorgeous nature. She may not be the prettiest of cats but her gentle nature and loving green eyes shine through, she has an identifiable ginger tip on the end of her tail. "

If you could love Cocoa, please contact Catherine on

Date posted: 19/10/16

Tiggy and Little Min
 Tig and Litttle Min Catherine has to make the sad choice to find new homes for her cats as she cannot take them to her new home:

Min is an all black 3year old female. She is gentle but mischievous. She loves hiding in drawers and boxes; in fact she will go under cover wherever she can snuck into; (mostly with me under my duvet)! She has a soft spot for Tiggy. They are like a married couple and she definitely wears the trousers! Would be lovely to keep them as a pair. Tigs is 6, a big handsome boy. He is an adorable lump of a cat. Very affectionate. Loves being outdoors but also very happy to sleep all day. You will have to budge up though on the sofa or bed as he will take up a lot of space. He is heavy but he is all cat!! He can be vocal when he wants your attention. He has a great relationship with his girlfriend Little Min they cuddle up together but is happy to give her a friendly swipe with his paw when she pushes in for food. He is a real gentleman as he sits patiently whilst the girls eat first and then he clears up after them. He has always been very healthy. For the size of him he is actually a big fat softy who loves company. Would be great with a family and/or with other cats as he fits in so well, but also happy to take the lime light and have you all to himself. Both are neutered, deflead, wormed and are currently getting up to date with their vaccinations."

If you have room in your home and heart for one or preferable both, please contact Catherine on

Date posted: 19/10/16

 Tiatto Tiatto is a beautiful black 15 year old (approx.) female cat that needs to find a quiet, relaxing new home. (She was rescued so not entirely sure of her age, she does look younger!). She is much loved but a house move (where lots of ren ovation work is being untaken) would not be fair to her Tiatto is quite timid but very friendly with a lovely temperament and would therefore suit a quiet home with no other pets or small children. She likes to relax on the sofa or in front of a fire and loves being outside in the nicer weather. Tiatto likes Whiskas Senior cat food or Felix as long as it’s meat and not fish! Her vaccinations, flea, worming etc. are all up to date and she has been chipped and neutered about 14 years ago.

If you have a loving forever home for Tiatto please contact Rachael on 07867646199. or email

Date posted: 02/09/16

 Ozzie Handsome Ozzie (around 5 years old, neutered) is looking for a new home where he can be the only pet please due to a clash of personalities with the dog he currently shares home territory with.

If you can help Ozzie, please contact Laura on 07543553351, email

Date posted: 05/08/16