Direct Homing Noticeboard

We deal with an enormous volume of requests to help with rehoming cats, and we can only help a limited number by bringing them into our own care. If we are unable to help ourselves, owners are welcome to advertise their cats for rehoming on this page and potential new owners can contact them directly. The cats shown here are not in branch care and the only information we know about them is shown here. Cats Protection have not seen these cats and cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information provided, especially regarding health or behaviour. Arrangements to adopt a Direct Homing cat will be made directly with the owners.

If you live in the Bournemouth area and would like to use our direct homing noticeboard, please send a photograph and short description of the cat to us at, together with the contact numbers you would like us to publish for you.

DIRECT HOMING - a very special home needed for SPOOKY


"I am hoping there is a kind and caring soul out there who is willing to take on my late Mum’s beloved male Siamese cat ‘Spooky’. He will be 12 years old in June, has only 2 bottom teeth and has pancreatitis which at the moment can cause him to vomit approx 3-4 times a week. (It tends to go in phases) However, apart from that he is a bright and happy chap. He is not on any medication at present but I have been told there is an anti-sickness tablet which would help alleviate the vomiting and so I am going to speak to the vet about that.

Since mum very sadly passed away at the end of November, I have been living at her home in Highcliffe to look after Spooky. However it is now time for me to get back to my own home; unfortunately I am unable to take him with me as I live in a tiny third floor attic flat in the centre of Bournemouth and it wouldn’t be fair on him. (Or me!)

I would really like him to go to a home as close to the one he had with Mum who was 81 when she she died. Ideally he would be the only pet in a quiet house and definitely one without any children."

If you can help Liz find the purrfect home for Spooky, please email her:

Date posted: 24/02/21