We often have feral cats in our care who also need good homes. Ferals are working cats, not suitable to be kept indoors but ideal for keeping mice and rats away from farms and stables. If you have an area of land, away from busy roads with suitable shelter perhaps you would consider homing some feral cats like these.

Feral cats still need to be fed twice a day, have clean water and somewhere warm to sleep (a barn or stable is ideal). Hunting is instinctive for these cats and it is a myth that if they are well fed they will not hunt, they need their food to ensure they are fit enough to be good mousers.

If you are thinking about taking on some of our ferals, we need to have a safe dry space in which we can erect one of our feral pens for a couple of weeks. The cats live in these pens to begin with, so that they get used to their new surroundings. After about three weeks, we start to introduce the cats to their wider environment. By doing this we get them used to associating a particular place with food, so that they will stay in the area. Once the cats are established in their new home, we can remove the feral pen and let them get on with mousing for you.

If you are interested in giving a good home to feral cats, please contact the Branch on 01202 946303 or email