Adopt a cat

Each year seems to be busier than the one before. Despite the pandmeic, we re-homed 56 cats and 34 kittens cats in 2021 and we neutered about 100 ferals and helped members of the public with the cost of neutering. People seem to think they don't need to get males neutered but this means they get into fights and spread these diseases like FIV.  Un-neutered males also tend to be smelly and stray further afield so please have your male cats neutered as well as the females.  This can be done from 4 months of age on advice from your vet.  We had to take in kittens that people didn't want during the year and although they are very cute they cost a lot to feed, micro chip and vaccinate, we have an adoption fee of £75 for a cat and £95 for a kitten.  While there are so many unwanted adults available we do not need more kittens brought into the world.  When finding homes our main concern is that the cat is going to be loved and have a safe home for life.If you would like to adopt a cat why not have a look at what we have available by visiting our Adopt a cat page where we try to include some images so that you can see what they look like.We also have lots of kittens coming in all the time, if we don't have one when you ring, we will put you on our list for when we do get some, which is quite frequently! Please call our re-homing officer on 01953 681092 preferably between the hours of 9.00am and 6.00pm.  BRECKLAND ARE BASED IN THETFORD (IP24)   IF YOU ARE UNSURE OR WISH TO RE-HOME ANY OF OUR CATS PLEASE CONTACT 01953 681092 BETWEEN 9.00am AND 6.00pm PLEASE. FACE BOOK LINK ON FEATURE PAGE