Adopt a cat from Cats Protection Brighton & District

Here you will find the cats in care at Brighton & District Branch of Cats Protection that are ready for adoption. We will have other cats in care that may not quite be ready to go home so please keep an eye on this page or register an interest in adoption with our adoptions volunteer.

Whilst many of the cats that come into our care have a history of being indoor only we do prefer all our cats to have outdoor access in their new homes and will therefore prioritise those families that have a safe,  suitable outside space for each of our cats needs. Occasionally we will need to keep a cat as an indoor cat usually because of medical needs. Where this is the case it will be stated on the cats profile.

Home visits
Our cats are looked after in our fosterers' own homes and we do require that prospective owners have a home visit from one of our homing team members.  This is an informal visit, where all aspects of cat care may be discussed and information gathered to help us assess whether the cat that you have chosen would be a good match for your family

 home visit leaflet

Shortlisting process
On occasions we have seen a lot of interest in particular cats such as young or pedigree type cats. In response we have introduced a shortlisting process to determine the most suitable home for cats where we anticipate high levels of interest.

After appearing on our website there will be a five day period for potential adopters to register an interest in any of the cats that appeal to them.  Home visits for those families shortlisted will then be arranged following which arrangements are made to meet the cat at the fosterers home. A reserve will be placed on a cat once an adoption date has been agreed.

How to express an interest
To express an interest in a specific cat please use the online form using the link within the cats profile. General enquiries about adopting from Brighton & District Branch can be made by email on  If you do not have access to the internent and/or email you may  leave a message for our adoption volunteers on 01273 610306.

There are currently no cats available here.