More on Pickle

13 August 2016

Dear Friends - many of you have been following the progress of Pickle, a cat we're caring for following very serious injuries received to his back legs, probably in a snare. The latest news is that, now that the dressing on the second and more seriously injured leg has been removed, he is continuing to make progress. He still has to wear a collar to stop him licking his wounds and he doesn't like it (who would?!) so his fosterer gives him some 'downtime' every day during which she watches him ...

Neutering Campaign

13 August 2016

We work hard day in, day out, to care for and find homes for the cats in our care but, as soon as we rehome one, another is waiting to take its place. The sad reality is that there are just too many cats and the only way we’ll tackle the problem of unwanted animals is by working together to reduce their overall number. This is why we neuter all of our cats and urge owners to do the same, even if they are indoor cats. In addition to helping to reduce numbers, it is beneficial for the cat...