Adopt a cat

If you like the look of one of our cats send an enquiry via 
the contact form on the cat's profile page or give us a call on 0345 371 2739, mailbox option 2. If we think you're a match we'll call to take a few more details. We'll then arrange a home visit, which is most likely to be via WhatsApp but might be carried out in person. At the home visit we go through important information about settling in and caring for a cat. Once the home visit has been done you'll discuss suitable cats with our homing coordinator. You'll then talk with the cat's fosterer about its behaviour, and food and litter preferences before coming to meet her or him. *PLEASE NOTE THAT WE CAN ONLY RESERVE CATS FOR THREE DAYS*

Once your cat has been reserved we send the adoption paperwork via email for you to complete and sign. The paperwork consists of an adoption form and PetPlan Terms & Conditions for your cat's free one-month insurance cover. Details will be given for payment of the adoption fee online. The fosterer will then contact you re collecting your cat. If you've opted to buy the new cat carrier it will be brand new and of excellent quality. If you're supplying your own carrier please make sure it's large enough for your new cat, and that it's safe and secure. Wicker cat carriers are not recommended.

After the adoption we follow up to see how your cat is settling in and we'll check in with you at 3, 7 and 28 days from arrival. However, we're only a phone call or email away so you can always get in touch for advice or help. 

Please scroll down to see the cats we have in care -  there are usually more cats behind the scenes who haven't made it to the website yet. If you don't see the cat for you do ask as we may have a new arrival who fits the bill perfectly! If you spot a cat you're interested in please mention their name when giving us a call on 0345 371 2739 option 2,
or by emailing us at