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Sponsor Cats

Welcome to the Chelmsford Cats Protection sponsorship page. 
Our Sponsorship Scheme was launched in November 1971 to find permanent 'Aunts' and 'Uncles' to contribute regularly towards the upkeep of unhomeable residents. In return for a photograph and regular contributions, the first sponsors were allowed to name their chosen cat. Pusskin was elected Chief Spokescat and, with a little help from Christine Peterson, wrote a regular piece for the Newsletter telling sponsors what had been happening at the shelter. 

Unable to have a cat? Want more but your family or other pets don't allow you?
How about supporting Chelmsford Cats Protection by sponsoring a cat or one of our cat pens.
Our Current Sponsor Pens are:

- Lucky 13 for under 18's
- Carol's Pen - by sponsoring this pen you will be helping a variety of cats throughout the year including kittens and adullt cats.


   Lucky Pen 13
A sponsorship pen for under 18's
Hear about all of the cats that stay in Lucky 13
Receive updates and photos of each new arrival
All for only £12 a year
That's only £1 a month to help our cats
You may also come to visit the cats in Lucky 13 during our opening hours as often as you like. 



A very special cat that was in our care when she was 8 weeks of age.  Luna suffers from Diabetes insipidus and was with us for a year while we diagonosed and found the right treament for her. A rare case as it has never been seen in a cat so young. As a sponsor cat we pay for Luna's monthly medication.

A pretty girl who suffered with bladder stones, this is now controlled with a special veterinary urinary diet and regular urine samples

A big white 'polar bear'. Mikey had been judged for his behaviour before arriving in our care. A series of xrays at the vets showed us that Mikey was in pain from his knees, he then underwent knee replacement surgery. Mikey is a big cat and needs to keep his weight under control to avoid undue pressure on his joints and keep him more mobile. 

sponsor cat Chloe

15 year old hyperthyoid female. Hyperthyroidism means you can eat loads and not gain weight. Sounds a dream!

It can be harmful to the body and therefore must be managed carefully

11 year old Charley has been diagnosed with diabetus. She is medicated daily and has regular checks to keep her insulin levels under control.

sponsor cat Stitch

A longhaired grey girl who has a narrowing to her thoracic vertebrae (section of the spine) this can cause her quite a bit of back pain so she will be on medication for the foreseable future
sponsor cat Pebbles

A fluffy black cat who has a few allergies. 

These seem to be currently well maintained on her special medicine


Born 2005. Honey has previously been homed four times but due to her naughty behaviour she is back in our care and lives at the adoption centre, she seems much happier living in this environment and seemed unable to adjust to a home life.

Honey is a busy cat and looks after our 100 club as well as writing a column for our branch twice yearly newsletter. 
Honey had her right eye removed in 2019, she made a quick recovery and adjusted with no problems.


A very sweet natured cat that came into our care after spending time as a stray. Bramble has skin problems which require regular medication.

Can't decide which cat to choose? 
How about Carol's Pen? 
Built in the 1990's in memory of a much loved warden, Carol's Pen was previously home to many different types of cats. Some being sick and needing that extra bit of peace and quiet, feral and wanting to be away from the rest, shy and looking for a non stressful stay at Cats Protection, since our pens had a refurb in 2015 Carol's Pen has now been made into a maternity pen which is proven very useful especially during the summer months.

 Your sponsorship will help every cat that passes through this pen. 

 You will receive updates on their progress and photos where possible.



Sponsorship is recommended at £3.50 a month or £42 a year, but in reality whatever you can afford, it all helps. 

Sponsorship can be paid for by:
- Standing Order (please ask for a form)
- Cheque (made Payable to Chelmsford Cats Protection)
- Cash (we do not recommend sending cash through the post)

Your sponsorship money will go towards their care which will include their vet bills whilst they are here at the Adoption Centre and also when they are homed with fosterers.





Please email for more details. 


For more information on the sponsorship scheme and an information pack please contact:

Chelmsford Adoption Centre on 01245 478389 or by email sponsorship@chelmsford.cats.org.uk