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History of the Chelmsford Branch 1963. We were not always the branch you see today. History

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Gifts in Wills

By leaving a gift in your will you can help change the lives of thousands of cats and kittens for years to come.

Without the kindness of people who remember Cats Protection in their wills we would not be the charity we are today; these special gifts fund more than half of everything we do. How to leave a gift in your will.

2020 Fundraising Events - Results.

8th March 2020. Love Your Cat. The weather was kind to us this year and we raised £400. Well done everyone!

2019 Fundraising Events Results.

Love your Cat 2019. Cancelled due to bad weather. Goods sold in reception and £218 raised. 

28th/29th and 30th March 2019. Springclean. £351.94

20th April 2019. Easter Fayre and egg hunt raised £802. Well done Angela and Mark for putting it all together.

11th May 2019. Pat's Spring Fair. £563.24

25th and 26th May 2019. Our plant sale raised £713. Well done to Norma and Victoria for all their hard work.

29th June 2019. Quiz Night. £547. This was our first evening quiz at the centre, much enjoyed. Thanks Mark.

10th August 2019. Family Fun Day at the Adoption Centre. £3,220.80.

28th September 2019. Autumn Clean. Fill a bag for £1, very popular day. £358.80.

19th October 2019. Pats Fayre. £621.31. Thanks Sue for all your hard work in organising this event.

26th October 2019. Our annual Black Cat Day raised £449.81. Well done Angela all the spooky displays.

23rd November 2019. Christmas Market. Thank you to everyone who helped or attended, we raisied £1425.96.


Need advice about your cat or kitten? We have a range of leaflets that may help.

Cat Guardians
is the free service provided by Cats Protection, aimed at giving peace of mind to cat owners concerned about what might happen if they were to pass away before their cat.

Our Promise.If you have cats, we know how much they mean to you. Should something happen to you, you will naturally want to make sure that someone is there to care for the cat or cats you love. Through our Cat Guardians service, individuals can make arrangements with us so that in the event of their death, we will take care of their cats and try to find them a loving new home. Furthermore, Cats Protection promises never to put a healthy cat to sleep, so you can feel assured that we will give your feline friend all the love and care they need until we can find them the new home they deserve. 

More information


Cats Protection generally reccommends that cats are neutered at around four months of age or younger.

Neutered cats live longer, healthier lives and it is the most humane way to stop unwanted pregnancies. Neutering also prevents some cancers, reduces straying, fighting and spraying.

Cats Protection may be able to help assist you with the cost of neutering your cat. Call us on 01245 478389 for more information.

Why do we encourage neutering

  • One unneutered female can produce 18 kittens a year.
  • An unneutered female can produce up to 3 litters per year with 5 to 6 kittens in a litter.
  • If left unneutered this could lead to 20,000 descendants over 5 years.
  • Cats can start breeding from 4 months of age.
  • Cats will readily breed with their brothers and sisters.
  • Length of pregnancy is 9 weeks.
  • A female can come into season again just 6 weeks after giving birth.
  • Female cats in season will call and wail every 3 weeks during the breeding season, January to August
  • Unneutered females are at risk of developing cancers of the ovaries, uterus and mammary glands.
  • Unneutered males are at risk of developing tumours of the testicles