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Cat owners who recieved vouchers from Cherwell Cats Protection
this year to help with neutering costs,
please note if you don't use it, you will lose it!

 Neutering vouchers expire December 31st, 2021.

Contact your vet right away to book an appointment -
and confirm that they have your voucher waiting for you!

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Help kittens being sold too soon in our Cherwell area.

Some kittens in our community are being taken away from the nurture and
safety of their mums and sold online for profit too soon.
The first eight weeks of life are so important, and many tiny kittens
have ended up in care at Cherwell Cats Protection.  

This winter, thank you for donating to Cherwell Cats Protection to support our work,
and give the most vulnerable cats a fighting chance!  

You can read more about the Eight Precious Weeks Campaign here

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Are you ready for 2022 yet?

We have the perfect calendar to help you get organized!
(and it makes a great gift too)

Have you ever seen such stylish feline models? 
They are all Cherwell Foster Cats!

And the funds raised from these calendars will go directly to
Cherwell Cats Protection to help more cats in our care.   

Calendars are A5 size and are only £8 each including UK postage.
Or, if in Bicester, the calendars are £6 each.

Our supply is limited - so please order now! 

Email - publicity@cherwell.cats.org.uk


This is mum Kitty with her 2 day old kittens
when they first arrived in our care.

Kitty is a wonderful mother, but still sadly
we lost one of the kittens the day after they arrived.

Adorable as seen at 2 weeks old below,
the remaining kittens are doing fine now!
From two to seven weeks of age, they are in the critical
socialization period in which their brains are forming as
are their sensory systems (or way they learn about their enviroment).  

Our fosterer is now socializing them with a non-threatening,
loving, and playful enviroment.  They will experience different people,
new sounds, lots of touching, toys, and of course litter and litter trays!
If a cat is to be confident and happy in adulthood,
positive experiences as a kitten are essential. 

Thank you FAB fosterers!  


Looking for an enviromentally friendly rodent control service?

We have out of work mousers looking for 
local employment opportunities.

Our working cats are just waiting to pounce on the right opportunity!

Ideal locations are: stable yards, farms, large gardens, 
and small holdings.

The cats will need somewhere to shelter and to be fed daily.
They will certainly earn their keep as they are proven mousers!

To enquire about working cats contact
Sharon at 07935 727 787
or write us at enquires@cherwell.cats.org.uk 


It is SO important to have your cats neutered  
And for males, it is just a quick, simple operation
that can make a big difference to their quality of life.

So please get your cats neutered and spread the word to anyone
you know who has an unneutered cat or kitten.

We can offer support with the cost of your cat's
neutering operation for those on low income or certain benefits.

Please email us at neutering@cherwell.cats.org.uk  or 
call or text us at 07584 642 485
to learn more about this neutering voucher scheme.

Do you have a spare room in your house?

Have you ever thought about becoming a cat foster carer?

We are need foster homes!

More fosterers allows Cherwell CP to help more cats.  
And home fosterers are important to help socialise cats
in our care that are scared of pens.

You just need one room in your house.  There will be no cost to you,
Cats Protection covers all costs.  It is emotionally rewarding, not
draining!  We will even cover your holidays if needed.  

Full training will be given.  Home owners MUST be cat lovers.
Support is always on hand.  And when your foster cat has been
rehomed...do not worry... now you can help another cat!

For more information please call 01869 908 308 or
write us at enquiries@cherwell.cats.org.uk


We appreciate that it is such a difficult decision...
but does YOUR cat need to be rehomed?

We take cats in for many reasons due to a variety of different situations.
It may be because of a change in the house like moving, or
a change in the family, or new pets including the birth of kittens. 
Or maybe you have a stray coming to your home in need of help.

These changes can affect a cat and we are here to help all we can.
Please remember no pet needs to ever be abandoned. 
We are here to help without judgement.

If you do want to hand a cat to us to rehome,
please give it something familiar to them like a blanket
or jumper so that it can settle more easily during the transition.

The cat will have a full vet check before leaving our care.
It will be neutered, chipped, flead and wormed, and vaccinated.
A good home and a happy cat is our final achievement.

Contact Stephanie 07759 620 055 or at tig@openallhours.biz 
or go to www.cats.org.uk/what-we-do/giving-up-a-cat 
for more information.


Having to re-home your pet can be a very difficult thing to do
and is a process we go through with most of the cats in our care.
But if we can help you to keep your cat safe and well in the home
it knows best then it can make a cat's (and it's owner's) life
a lot more harmonious.  

Sometimes small changes can make big differences!

Calling us on 01869 908 308 or email enquires@cherwell.cats.org.uk
will enable you to speak to an experienced member of our
volunteer staff who will be happy to listen
and offer a way we can best help you.

We are often kindly asked where food donations
can be taken
to help cats in our care.

We do accept donations of all types of cat food,
even those bags that might have been opened.  
We will gratefully take adult cat food, kitten food, senior food,
and even that for specific diets.  

Our drop off points are:

Bicester -  Bicester Vets, Hart Vets, Pets At Home Bicester
and Portway Cattery (OX25 6NN)

Banbury - Hawthorne Lodge Vets

Kidlington - Alisons Animals

Thank you for your donations! 


With all of our fundraising events for the year on hold or cancelled,
please consider sponsoring a cat in our care.  

For only £5 a month you will recieve monthly updates on their progress and follow
their journey to finding a forever family.  ❤️

Your sponsorship goes directly towards the veterinary care for cats 
in our branch and helps keep them warm and fed.  

Please sign up today or for more info contact us at - catsponsor@outlook.com

We also offer gift sponsorships.  

Or if you would like to buy a gift 
for a cat in our care it's so easy to do!

Please visit our Amazon wishlist by following the link below...

Please see our Support Us page on this website, and also our Fundraising and Events pages
on this site for more information about how you can help us help cats and kittens in our area!