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Oct Chip Scheme revised

A very happy story worth sharing...

We received a call about a stray mummy cat who had given birth to five kittens in a shed.  She had been living in the area as a stray for many months and with no luck finding her owner, she was brought into our care.  

As her kittens grew, they were simply delicious and loved humans, even though Hazel (mum cat) was nervous and wary.  She was interested in us, but still wouldn't let us touch her.  

Mum Hazel

Luckily for her, someone who lived close by to where Hazel was found approached us about adopting Hazel and her son, tiny Peanut.  We were over the moon!  This works perfectly for Hazel as introducing her into a home she had previously snuck into to steal food is much easier then putting her into a home she had never been in before.  And Peanut...well he is just GORGEOUS and being a good little chap, settled in immediately.  We also couldn't believe how relaxed Hazel looked in her new home right away.  She still is wary of her new family, and hasn't yet let them stroke her, but we know that with time, she will get there.  

Hazel and PeanutHazel & Peanut

Thank you to their new mum and dad for giving them a loving home,
and for allowing us to share the story of Hazel and Peanut with you!

    A happy little Peanut      


Cherwell Cats Protection 'Adopt a Cat' is back!
But with some changes, including our new hands-free homing process.

We’re keen to help as many cats as possible, both during the current crisis and beyond.
Offering our cats a home will help to free up more space to take in emergency cases.

We have put in extensive procedures to make sure that our homing process is in line with current government guidance, without putting adoptees or our volunteers at risk.  
Please see our 'Adopt a Cat' page on this website for more information.

And check you are within a reasonable distance of our Cherwell branch. 
You can find your nearest branch at www.cats.org.uk/find-us



Does your cat or kitten need to be neutered?  Please don't wait!

Cherwell CP runs a neutering scheme that can help you with the cost of neutering your cat.

Please see our Neutering page for more information.


With all of our fundraising events for the year on hold or cancelled,

please consider sponsoring a cat in our care.  

For only £5 a month you will recieve monthly updates on their progress and follow
their journey to finding a forever family.  ❤️

Your sponsorship goes directly towards the veterinary care for cats 
in our branch and helps keep them warm and fed.  

Please sign up today or for more info contact us at - catsponsor@outlook.com

We also offer gift sponsorships.  
What better way to say to someone that you love them!

Please see our Support Us page on this website, and also our Fundraising and Events pages
on this site for more information about how you can help us help cats and kittens in our area!