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If your cat or kitten isn't snipped or spayed...please don't let them outside until 


To help, we have partnered with eight veterinary practices in our area
and are excited to announce the following February Offer:

Neuter and chip your cat for only £15!

From February 1st to February 29th, 
you can have your cat or kitten neutered for only £10
and microchipped for only £5. 

This neutering offer covers the total cost of one routine neutering operation for a healthy cat.
Additional costs - if any - during or after surgery to be covered by owner.
There is no limit on how many cats per household can participate in the offer.
But please note appointment times are limited and microchips are available only while supplies last.


How to qualify?  

The pet owner MUST live in one of these postcodes to be eligible:

OX5, OX15, OX16, OX17, OX25, OX26, OX27 OR NN13


For more information or to book an appointment, please call one of these participating veterinary practices:

Beaumont Vets
 (Kidlington) - 01865 373 397

Bicester Vets (Bicester) - 01869 252 077

 Hawthorne Lodge Vets (Banbury) - 01295 259 446

Hook Norton Vets (Deddington) - 01869 337 732

Medivet (Kidlington) - 01865 372 899

Vets4Pets (Banbury) - 01295 253 941

Vets4Pets (Bicester) - 01869 328 450

West Bar Vets (Banbury) - 01295 262 332

Having your cat neutered and chipped is good for them...and for you! 

Did you know?

Cats can breed from four month of age.

Females can come into heat every 2-3 weeks.

Females can have up to 18 kittens a year.

Cats don't need 'just one litter' before being spayed.

Cats will mate with their brothers, sisters and parents.


Why to neuter -

Neutering reduces spraying and wailing.

Reduces fighting injuries and vet bills.

Kittens are hard work, cost time, effort and money.

Neutering reduces risk of cancers and other diseases through mating.

Neutered cats are less likely to roam, get lost and injured on roads.



Why to microchip -

Cats really do get lost, and microchipping is the most effective way to identify a lost cat. 

But you have to keep your details up to date!

It's the most secure form of identification and won't fall off like a collar or tag, or cause a collar-related injury.

Microchip technology ( for example cat flaps and food dishes) means you and your cat can benefit from a chip day-to-day.

The procedure is easy and is no more painful than an injection. There is no minimum age to microchip your cat.

It's kinder to neuter. And even better to microchip too!