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Christmas Chocolate Alert!

Sorry to say...we will not have a Christmas chocolate tombola at  
the Bicester Lights this December.

We are SO disappointed having attended for the last 15 years!

Instead we are going to run an online chocolate raffle to win 
one of these beautiful (and delicious) bouquets...

Tickets are only £1 each.

Upon receipt of your payment, you will be assigned a number(s).

Draw will take place December 18th.

Payments to be made via PayPal - fundraising@cherwell.cats.org.uk or BACS

Thank you for supporting the work we do! 


November update...

Cherwell Cats Protection 'Adopt a Cat' program will CONTINUE 
to run during the lockdown - with our
 hands-free homing process.

We’re keen to help as many cats as possible, both during the current crisis and beyond.
Offering our cats a home will help to free up more space to take in emergency cases.

We have put in extensive procedures to make sure that our
homing process is in line with current government guidance,
without putting adoptees or our volunteers at risk.  

Please see our 'Adopt a Cat' page on this website for more information.

And check you are within a reasonable distance of our Cherwell branch. 
You can find your nearest branch at www.cats.org.uk/find-us


We want to introduce you to SCRUFFY!

We thought it might be nice for you to be able to follow her long road
to finding herself a new home.  We won't dwell on her past...so on to her future!

We took Scruffy to the vets on Nov 6th for her initial check,
and as you might expect, there was a rather long list to sort out!  

She has been treated for parasites, so that's one thing off the list.  
She has a dental procedure booked for the 20th, as her teeth are black
and many are cracked and broken (the worst her vet has seen).  

Her tongue hangs out all the time (normally more than in the photo),
and the vet is concerned that's due to her jaw being damaged.  

Scruffy is also on antibiotics as she is suffering from cat flu,
which meant her heart couldn't be properly listened to.  

Despite her being very snotty and rather skinny,
she has a great appetite and loves her food.  

Luckily she does not appear pregnant so will also be spayed and microchipped.

 Yes, she needs a good wash, but she's rather beautiful isn't she?

Please send your positive thoughts for Scruffy, she's going to need them!

Nov 18th, Scruffy update...

The first picture was taken 13 days ago....these pictures were taken yesterday.

Doesn't she look better?  We know she isn't shiny white yet, 
but after her parasite treatments and a nice bath and blow dry,
she looks so much better.  Scruffy's even started cleaning herself again!

Scruffy is still on antibotics and will be until her dental procedure,
on the 20th of this month, to keep control over the infection in her mouth.

She is eating for England, and enjoying relaxing in her bed
in her heated bedroom (and not being all itchy).

She also has a little more news...her new name is Tulip!

You know what that means... a new name = a new home.  

You read that right!  Little Tulip has gone and bagged herself a home!
Although she won't be leaving us for quite a long time.


Did you request a neutering voucher from us this year -
and haven't gotten around to using it yet?

Please note that the 2020 neutering vouchers expire December 31, 2020.
So contact your veterinary practice as soon as you can about using that voucher.
Your cat will be very happy you did!


Does your cat or kitten need to be neutered?  Please don't wait!

Cherwell CP runs a neutering scheme that can help you with the cost of neutering your cat.

Please see our Neutering page for more information.


With all of our fundraising events for the year on hold or cancelled,

please consider sponsoring a cat in our care.  

For only £5 a month you will recieve monthly updates on their progress and follow
their journey to finding a forever family.  ❤️

Your sponsorship goes directly towards the veterinary care for cats 
in our branch and helps keep them warm and fed.  

Please sign up today or for more info contact us at - catsponsor@outlook.com

We also offer gift sponsorships.  
What better way to say to someone that you love them!

Please see our Support Us page on this website, and also our Fundraising and Events pages
on this site for more information about how you can help us help cats and kittens in our area!