Volunteer for Cherwell Cats Protection

Cherwell Cats Protection succeeds through the efforts of volunteers who fulfil a variety of vital and rewarding roles. The branch has a dedicated team who facilitate the process of rescuing cats and helping them find a new and loving home, with a wider group undertaking support roles such as administration and fundraising that assist in the branch’s goals being achieved. Read on to find out about volunteer roles at Cherwell CP and what you can do to help Cherwell cats.


We typically receive cats into our care from domestic ownership, and in cases where an owner can’t be identified our welfare volunteers may need to locate, trap and rehabilitate lost or undomesticated cats, occasionally from feral colonies. When first introduced into our care all cats receive a thorough examination by a local qualified veterinarian, to ensure they are medically fit to be re-homed. Any existing medical conditions are treated at this time and our welfare officers maintain a good relationship with local vets who accommodate our cats’ needs.


All un-neutered adult cats are neutered prior to leaving our care, to promote good feline health and reduce the proliferation of feral cat populations. Cherwell’s volunteer neutering officer is tasked with arranging for adult cats in our care to undergo the procedure, as well as providing a neutering voucher scheme for owners of kittens, whose animals are too young upon adoption to undergo the operation.


Clinical checks completed, cats are allocated to one of Cherwell CP’s home fosterers who care for the animals until a new owner is ready to adopt. Kittens and some adult cats receive the additional benefit of regular visits by our volunteer cat socialisers, who spend time providing mental stimulation through play activities, and teaching the animals to be generally comfortable with being handled by humans.  All that is required from you as a fosterer is a spare room, tender loving care and time to ensure cats and kittens are ready for adoption.

Social Media

Once our cats are considered medically fit to be re-homed, details of potential adoptees are published on the Cherwell Find a Cat page on cats.org.uk and announced as ready for adoption by our social media volunteers. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram enable us to engage with local, national and even international audiences to communicate our successes, promote feline welfare and gratefully acknowledge the essential donations that fund our work.


Cherwell residents who are interested in adopting are introduced to our cats by our volunteer re-homing officers, who guide the potential adopter through the process of adopting a cat. Once a prospective owner has met an animal and decided to adopt, our re-homing officers carry out a home visit to assess the suitability of the new home, and will typically advise on matters such as practical feline issues, cat behaviour and adoption best practices.

Other Roles

Not all volunteers will meet every cat we re-home, and Cherwell CP is under-pinned by a dedicated group of volunteers behind-the-scenes that carry out vital duties such as secretarial, accounting and maintenance work, to name just a few examples. Each role is crucial to the successful operation of the branch, and Cherwell CP wouldn’t be able to carry out it’s work as effectively without them.

Become a Volunteer Cat Fosterer

Cherwell Cats Protection is keen to invite new cat fosterers to join our team so that we can increase the number of cats that we can re-home. We are looking for fosterers who can give tender loving care to rescued cats, as well as providing accommodation to felines in either a spare room or by giving cats access to the whole house. No experience is necessary and training will be provided, along with all essential provisions such as cat food, tray litter, blankets and bedding.

Volunteer for Cherwell CP

If you would like to help unwanted cats and participate in any of the above activities, please contact Cherwell CP for more information of roles that are available. There are lots of ways you can support us even if you don’t have time to volunteer, and fundraising for Cherwell Cats Protection is a great way you can help animals in our care find a loving home.

Branch Secretary Volunteer

At Cats Protection we help thousands of cats and kittens each year thanks to our dedicated volunteer groups. These groups of passionate individuals all help our feline friends in different ways. They take in stray and abandoned cats and ensure they receive the veterinary care and attention they deserve, help raise funds, promote neutering and help spread cat welfare messages. Our volunteer secretaries provide the support that helps our volunteer groups run smoothly. They make a real difference to the lives of our feline friends by helping maintain positive communications, supporting others, promoting the work of Cats Protection and signposting queries from members of the public.

Closing date: 17 Oct 2021
Fosterer Volunteer

Across the UK, many cats are cared for by volunteer fosterers who provide a stable, safe and loving environment in their homes or in purpose-built pens in their gardens. They provide vital hands-on care and accommodation to stray or abandoned cats or cats whose owners could sadly no longer keep them, and are part of a dedicated team of volunteers committed to finding new homes for cats in need. Our fosterers carry out this role with support from their local branch or centre. Most of our fosterers care for one or two cats at a time and enjoy providing lots of TLC to those cats, who have been pre-loved or have had a difficult start in life. Some of our fosterers look after new mums and kittens and provide round-the-clock care to newborns to give them the best start in life.

Closing date: 17 Oct 2021