What we do

Our primary aim is to bring into our care stray, unwanted and neglected cats that need our help.  
This is all carried out by our small but dedicated team of volunteers.

It may be that the cats are only with us a few weeks but quite often, particularly if they are injured or ill, they stay with us for longer periods of time until they are fit and well.

Before being homed, all Cats Protection cats are micro-chipped, vaccinated and neutered and come with one month's complimentary insurance.

Whilst with us, we need to provide for our cats food and litter and to pay their vets fees, which are currently running between £1500 and £2000 per month. To this end we hold regular fund raising events to raise funds to cover these every day costs.

Neutering Information

We provide neutering vouchers for all cats and kittens, including multi cat households.  As cats within the same house and family will mate, its is always best to get your little one neutered.  For any help or queries get in touch here

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