Making A Reservation

We are still conducting alot of our 'Hands Free' Homing process as standard.

All cats and kittens pop up on the website when they are ready for homing.

Click on the cat's profile to see their rehoming requirements and if they fit with your home.

There is a short write up about them and a video to watch.

Press the 'Contact us about this cat' yellow button and fill in an enquiry form.

You will receive an email notifying you we
have received your enquiry.

We will then see if it's a match on paper by checking location, suitabilty etc. and contact you by phone (sometimes a mobile number).

The next step is to have an initial talk about what you are looking for in your cat and to let you know all the information about the cat you enquired about.

If both sides are happy that it is a good match, the rest of the adoption process can begin.....

The staff will take you through the cats medical history, diet and any other information not already discussed.

They will then talk you through the important settling in process, including letting out, and answer any questions you may have.

All this information and more will be emailed to you to carefully read through and consider.

Once you have read the information email and are happy to proceed, we will confirm the reservation and call to make an Adoption Appointment.


At the Adoption Appointment, we will take you to meet your reserved cat first, to make sure you are happy with taking your cat home.

After meeting your cat, we will take you through the adoption paperwork, and talk through any questions or queries.

We can then put 
together any items you would like to purchase from us, along with the adoption fee.

Taking Home Your New Companion!

As early as a few days after the initial adoption process (dependant on health status) you could be taking your very own little one home! 

We ask that you are able to take home your new cat within 7 days of confirmation and not to have any major changes (moving, change of working hours, building works, holiday etc.) within 4-6 weeks of adopting your cat.

We urge all adoptors to keep in contact with us if you need anything at all - we do follow up calls and emails in the weeks after the adoption, but after that we are here to assist in any way we can.

During the adoption process, we require to see some form of proof of address - you can bring this with you on Adoption day or send us a picture.

N.B: If you are in rented accomodation, we need written permission from the landlord before you take your cat home. It is a good idea to obtain this before applying for a cat, as it can hold up the process.

All cats must travel in suitably sized, secure carrier on the way home. This is for the safety of the cat and also of the passengers in the vehicle.