What we do

Cats Protection are still working tirelessly to ensure we can help you the public and cats in as safe-a-manner as possible.

We are conducting rehoming of our cats as safely as possible - check out the process in the 'Adopt a Cat' section on the website.

 Please do contact us if you have an issue and staff will be able to advise if we can help.
  01872 870 575 or send us an Email

The Cornwall Adoption Centre helps over 500 cats per year, primarily through our work with the rehoming and neutering of cats and kittens.
Cats come to our centre from all walks of life and situations, sometimes as strays that have nowhere to live or just simply due to the owners unfortunate change of circumstances. 

That's where we come in to help those in need, nurse them back to good health if needed, and find them the homes they desire.

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