One of Cats protection’s primary aims is to spread the wealth of knowledge about feline behaviour and care so we can be sure our feline friends are living healthy and fulfilling lives.

Dealing with over 500 cats a year at the Cornwall Adoption Centre and in the region of 200,000 more as a charity we’ve a lot of experience in all things feline and are more than willing to share what we know! You are more than welcome to contact us regarding any issues you may be having with your cat’s behaviour/wellbeing and we will do our best to offer you advice. 

We would always recommend a cat receives a veterinary check up as a first point of call to rule out any underlying medical issues.

Cats Protection has a lot of information open to the public via online services, so you can learn from the comfort of your own armchair!
We have essential guides for cat care and behaviours:
And also advice on medical conditions and their descriptions:
Leaflets are available in PDF form or they can be downloaded and kept on a tablet/computer.
We also have a fantastic online course called
‘Understanding Cats' Needs’. 
This course has all the information you could need to update your knowledge and ensure that your kitty remains happy and content in the home.
You will be a cat expert in no time!