A very warm welcome to Coventry Cats Protection

Our vision is to ensure that every cat is given the chance of a life where it will be treated with kindness and an understanding of its needs.

Our objectives are:
To find good homes for cats in need 
To support and encourage the neutering of cats 
To improve people's understanding of cats and their care.


If your cat has gone missing please email lostandfound@coventry.cats.org.uk for advice.

Coventry branch are now able to find new homes for cats in our care under post-COVID-19 guidelines.

We are moving towards increasing physical home visits and cat collections as restrictions are easing but we may still use a hybrid approach where necessary.

Please visit our news page for full details of how the new adoption process will work.

We are now also bringing cats into care from our waiting lists, unfortunately, we can still only offer limited help regarding stray cats especially on CV1, CV3, CV10, CV11 and CV12 due to volunteer restrictions.

We as volunteers are here for any general advice you may need in relation to cats and kittens. You can either email our branch Co-ordinator at coordinator@coventry.cats.org.uk , email enquiries@coventry.cats.org.uk

If your cat has gone missing please email lostandfound@coventry.cats.org.uk for advice.

Also any questions on neutering please email neutering@coventry.cats.org.uk

or call Faye on 07787 284500.

If you need to relinquish a cat or kitten please email welfare@coventry.cats.org.uk


Email Addresses

General enquiries: enquiries@coventry.cats.org.uk 

Neutering enquiries: neutering@coventry.cats.org.uk 

Adoption enquiries: homing@coventry.cats.org.uk 

Rehoming owned cats or stray cat enquiries: welfare@coventry.cats.org.uk 

Lost/found cat enquiries: lostandfound@coventry.cats.org.uk

or visit the Contact Us page: https://www.cats.org.uk/coventry/contact-us-today 


Waiting List for Cats Coming into Our Care

Unfortunately, as we only have a limited amount of fosterers we always have a waiting list for cats to come into our care. If you know that you may need to hand your cat into care please contact us at the earliest opportunity to be added to the list. All of our members are volunteers with busy lives outside of CP.  Thanks for your patience and bearing with us.

Feral or Semi Feral Cats

Please be aware that the Coventry branch of cats protection only has one volunteer who can help with requests regarding help with neutering (TNR'ing) feral/semi-feral cats and kittens. We are still unable to bring feral/semi-feral cats into our care.


Free Neutering

Currently, vets are carrying out neutering operations, but the lead time can be lengthy

Do you have an un-neutered male or female cat?

If so, you may not be aware that Coventry cats protection can offer free neutering

For more information contact

02476 594116 or email


*terms and conditions apply


Interested In Volunteering?

Thank you for thinking of us and taking an interest in volunteering. For information on doing so see:


Cats Protection are always happy to hear from people interested in volunteering.

if this is you then please contact our helpline: 02476 594116 or email (details on the contacts page)