Lost and found

Please note we have limited people at the moment and cannot cover all postcodes in our area as fast as we'd like.


If you have lost a cat or found a stray cat please email 

lostandfound@coventry.cats.org.uk with your details and brief details about the cat(s)

We also have a dedicated Lost and Found facebook page for the area. You can post details and a photo of lost or found cats, or message our volunteers directly. They are also able to post for you, if you prefer. Volunteers are always happy to help you.




Lost cats:

1.       Check indoors, in airing cupboards, behind chairs and under beds.

2.       Look in neighbours sheds, garages, greenhouses. (Underneath or down the side of).

3.      Produce leaflets. Include a full description of the cat, (colour, collar, sex, distinguishing marks or scars, whether microchipped) a photograph if possible, where and when lost, include your telephone number. Deliver through letterboxes around your area. Display in local newsagents or post office and local vets etc.

4.       Telephone your local Cats Protection branch, local vets, and local council - Coventry 024 7683 3333

5.       Telephone PETSEARCH  on line database :- www.nationalpetregister.org/pet-search                                   

6.       Telephone RSPCA 024 7633 6616, PDSA 024 7659 0298

7.       Contact local press and radio, they often advertise lost and found free of charge.


Found/stray cats:

1.       Ask round the local area, it could belong to some just moved into the area.

2.       Report the cat with as much information as possible to PETSEARCH.

3.       Take the cat to the vet to be scanned for a microchip (you should not be charged for this)

4.       Report the cat to Cats Protection, RSPCA, local vets.

5.       Put a found cat notice in your local shop window with a photograph if possible.