Lost and Found

All cats reported to us as found strays are recorded on our Found Cats Register, please contact us if you cat is missing and we will check our register, please also remember to contact Derby & District Branch.

Derby & District branch have an online 'lost & found' register on their website. Click on the link (just below) to find information on how to register a lost or found cat on this service. 

You can also call the branch cat line on 01332 206956 (voicemail, leave a message) for advice on stray cats.

Cats are curious animals and will find the most unusual places to curl up for a snooze. If your cat goes missing make sure you check:

  • All rooms, cupboards and boxes. 
  • Under beds are great hiding places!
  • Your washing machine, tumble dryer and even your dishwasher.
  • Your garden, shed, garage and hedgerows.
  • Have you had visitors or workmen in? Does your cat get into your car?
  • Check the lost and found sections in your local paper.

What do I do next? - First of all don't panic! You need to inform as many people as possible and there are several ways to do that:

  • print out some leaflets and post to as many houses as possible
  • tell people as you are posting, people remember a conversation
  • put up posters on trees and lamp posts
  • speak to all your local shops, garages and post offices
  • contact local schools, newspapers and radio stations
  • use any local noticeboards in supermarkets or your church
  • try to include a recent photo of your cat
  • you can also contact us via Facebook or Twitter, include a good quality photo, details of where your cat is missing from and the date he was last seen

Who else can I call? - If your cat is micro chipped inform the company who holds your contact details, also inform your vet and any other local veterinary practises.

There are other organisations you can contact such as:

  • local Cats Protection Branches - 03000 121212
  • local RSPCA - 0300 1234 999
  • local PDSA - 0800 917 2509
  • Pet Search UK - 0121 743 4133

You can register your cat as missing for free on Animal Search UK

Visit Animal Search to register your cat as missing



When your cat returns do inform any organisations you reported him missing to. If your cat is not neutered it may be the reason for them straying. Cats Protection recommends the neutering of all cats when old enough, call the Adoption Centre on 01332 824950 for more information.