Adopt a cat

Each year, the Branch takes in many rescue cats and kittens into our foster homes. Some of these cats may have been abandoned, been living as strays or due to personal circumstances their owners are no longer able to care for them. Without any exceptions, our foster homes are always full. As soon as the cats in our care are fit and healthy enough for re-homing, we pass them to the Cats Protection Adoption Centre at Long Lane  Click here for the adoption centre web site or telephone 01332 824950 where many cats are awaiting a new home.

All Derby and District Branch rescued cats and kittens have been treated to our minimum veterinary standards. This means: 

  •      They have been examined by our veterinary surgeon
  •      Vaccinated against flu, enteritis and FeLV
  •      Microchipped
  •      Treated against fleas, roundworm and tapeworm
  •      Neutered or spayed (adults) 

These costs are included in the adoption fee which includes one month Petplan Insurance – see below*)    

To help cover these costs there is an adoption fee of £70 per cat or kitten, this  does not cover the cost of all of their treatment by any means but it does boost the kitty. 

Flats without gardens are not suitable for young kittens.  The Branch does not home young kittens to families with children under 5. We also do not home single young kittens to people who work full time (would have to be a pair of kittens or homed with an older cat).  We will contact you when your new kitten is due to be neutered or spayed to ensure that this procedure has been carried out.  This cost is covered in the adoption fee of £70 already mentioned above.

A cat’s behaviour with their fosterer is not always a true representation of their true character.  Following their rescue, they are in an unfamiliar environment and may be taking time to get to know you and their new surroundings.  For this reason, some cats can appear apprehensive about saying hello but don’t let this put you off.

Remember their whole world has changed. They may not understand that you could be the one to change it back again for the better. Be patient, it pays dividends.  When you meet for the first time, please take things quietly and slowly, allowing the cat to come to you.

We are currently looking for homes for the following cats:

Some of the cats in our care may not yet be on our website. If you are looking for a feline companion, please contact us on 01332 206956