The Doncaster Branch was established in September 1981 and has now been looking after cats and kittens for almost 39 years.

Over these years our branch has seen many changes but we are still continuing to grow from strength to strength, which is a credit to our small yet extremely dedicated team of volunteers. Some of our members have been with the branch since it started and can tell you many stories about the cats & kittens who have been cared for by our branch over the years.

Our prime aim is to improve life for the many unwanted, abandoned or stray cats and kittens within our area.   We cover the majority of the Doncaster [ DN ] postcode areas. DN15 - DN20, DN38, DN39 and DN41 are covered by another branch, please see the Cats Protection web site for your nearest branch. 

If we can help we will do so.  Unfortunately there are always a large number of cats in need of our help which stretches our limited resources.