Adopt a cat

We recommend that all cats and kittens should be neutered to prevent unwanted kittens. This can be done from the age of four months.

We have strict guidelines when rehoming cats or kittens and the homes of every prospective owner will be visited to assess the suitability of owner to cat and cat to owner. This planned visit is also an excellent opportunity for us to discuss any concerns you may have over adopting a cat. We also carry out a further visit shortly after you take your new pet home to check that both you and your cat are happy. We are always delighted to hear from you and believe that there is always a perfect home somewhere in Doncaster for our cats. 

It is usually easier to find new homes for kittens rather than adult cats and there is often a long waiting list prior to the kitten season, we cannot home young kittens with very young children however an older cat is equally rewarding and loving (and generally past the stage of climbing your favourite curtains!!!). Please give our adult cats a chance. After all, at heart they still think they're kittens!!!

Cats can make ideal indoor pets but indoor only cats require attention and stimulation from their owners to prevent boredom. You should understand that a cat's natural instinct is to hunt and play and be prepared to play plenty of stimulating games, well into your cat's adulthood as even adult cats love to play.

We have high standards of cat care. If you adopt your pet from us, the following will have been done:-

  • The cat will have been vet checked.
  • The cat will have had at least it's first vaccination. Depending on its age, usually it will be fully vaccinated.
  • It will have been neutered or spayed if old enough*.
  • Kittens will be at least 9 weeks of age before they are homed.
  • Worm and flea treatment will be fully up to date.

*Owners must be willing to have their pet neutered when it is old enough. We will ask you to prove this has been done, or we will contact your vet to check this. 

If you wish to adopt a cat or kitten please telephone our dedicated adoption line on 07718424778 or email Please note that we are not an adoption centre such as the RSPCA and all our work is carried out at our private addresses.

Cats Protection asks adopters for a fee when rehoming a cat. If you feel able to make a donation on top of the fee that would, of course, be gratefully received. We know times are hard so thank you for your decision to rehome a CP cat!