Lost and Found

The disappearance of a much loved pet is very traumatic for everyone concerned and we will do our very best to help.
We keep a fully updated list of lost and found cats and kittens so if you are unfortunate to have lost or found [they usually find you] a cat please contact us as soon as possible and we will endeavour to unite owners with their cat or kitten.
Cats are well known for their curiosity and ability to find the most unlikely places to sleep so have you:-
  •  Checked all rooms and cupboards
  •  Checked sheds and outbuildings (both yours and neighbours)
  •  Checked gardens and hedgerows 
  •  Checked parked vehicles
  •  Checked garages
  •  Talked to neighbours, school children 
  •  Talked to your postman, milkman etc 
  •  Put fliers through letter boxes
  •  Put posters in the local vets, shops
  •  Telephoned local veterinary surgeries 
  • Contacted the local radio station and asked them to make an announcement
When reporting a lost or found cat please have the following details to hand:-
  • Your name, address, postcode and telephone number [for our records only]
  • Picture of lost cat if available
  • Your cat's name
  • Any distinguishing features, colour, age, sex, fur type, breed if pedigree, microchipped, neutered etc
  • Date cat was lost or found
  • Your permission to place this information on our website

Please remember that the earlier you report your missing pet our chances of finding him or her are increased. 


If you find a cat or kitten please telephone our helpline on 07718424777 or email enquires@doncaster.cats.org.uk. Any Veterinary practice will check, free of charge if there has been a microchip implanted and if so possibly find its owner.