At Cats Protection we offer a wide variety of volunteering opportunities to suit you.

People person imagePeople person?

There are numerous opportunities with Cats Protection if interpersonal skills are your forte. If you are good with people, you could be an ideal candidate for visiting the homes of prospective new cat owners. You could also be a great help at fundraising events. Alternatively, you could use those people skills to promote your group to the local press, or maybe even try your hand at giving talks to local community groups.

Love cats imageLove cats?

If you really want to get close to the cats and kittens in our care, there are always several hand-on roles available. These range from taking care of them on a day-to-day basis, to transporting then to their new homes or the vet. Maybe you’re a lover of the great outdoors? If so, you could help with trapping ferals for our trap, neuter and release programme and combine your love of nature and cats to great effect!

Good Organiser imageGood organiser?

If your skills fall into the ‘well organised’ category, there are plenty of roles that will suit you within your local group. Whether you are best at managing people, paperwork or funds, your contribution will be highly valued. From keeping the admin in order to organising events to generate those much-needed funds and even establishing links within the local community, there is so much that you can do to help.

Good Communicator imageGood communicator?

If you have strong communication skills - whether thus is face-to-face, over the phone, in writing or online, we’d love to hear from you! From roles helping the general public with enquiries on your group helpline to writing regular newsletters or maintaining a website, there are plenty of ways in which you can help your local group to promote Cats Protection and its work in your area.

Do you wish to volunteer?

We are always looking for volunteers to help run our branch and would love to hear from you. Please contact us on 07718424777 or email enquiries@doncaster.cats.org.uk

Social media volunteer

Our social media volunteers use their passion and knowledge of social media to promote the activities of local volunteer groups and teams though various channels. They directly help cats by raising awareness of Cats Protection. A higher profile can help us raise the funds we need for our work, ensure people know they can adopt a cat from us, help promote neutering and help as many people as possible learn more about feline welfare.

Closing date: 01 Apr 2024
Fosterer volunteer

Across the UK, many cats are cared for by volunteer fosterers who provide a stable, safe and loving environment in their homes or in purpose-built pens in their gardens. They provide vital hands-on care and accommodation to stray or abandoned cats or cats whose owners could sadly no longer keep them, and are part of a dedicated team of volunteers committed to finding new homes for cats in need. Our fosterers carry out this role with support from their local branch or centre. Most of our fosterers care for one or two cats at a time and enjoy providing lots of TLC to those cats, who have been pre-loved or have had a difficult start in life. Some of our fosterers look after new mums and kittens and provide round-the-clock care to newborns to give them the best start in life.

Closing date: 01 Apr 2024
Publicity Team Leader Volunteer

Our publicity team leaders have the important role of supporting a wider team of publicity volunteers. As a team our publicity volunteers collectively keep members of the public informed of the vital and varied ways we help our feline friends in need. Raising awareness is crucial to us being able to help the thousands of cats and kittens each year that rely on us. A higher profile can help raise funds, raise awareness of adopting a cat, promote neutering and encourage as many people as possible to learn about feline welfare.

Closing date: 01 Apr 2024