What we do

Like every other branch of Cats Protection we work tirelessly to improve the lives of unwanted, abandoned or stray cats & kittens by finding them loving new homes. 
Until new homes are found cats and kittens are cared for by our wonderful branch fosterers, Ruth, Stephanie, Maureen,  Jess, Sue J and Sue R.
We operate under strict guidelines to ensure the health and safety of both cat and volunteer.
In Doncaster and the surrounding area we rehome unwanted, abandoned or stray cats.  Cats come to us for many reasons.  We can usually guarantee we will be full to bursting point when kitten season gets into full swing.  We actively promote neutering of all cats and kittens.  Our primary aim is to educate cat owners about the many benefits of neutering and dispel the popular myths which exist.    We can assist people on low income by providing a voucher to reduce the cost of neutering.
We endeavour to manage the population of feral cats in our area.  Our Trapping Officer is responsible for humanely trapping ferals and taking them to the vet to be neutered.   By doing this we hope to control the cat population and ensure they are healthy.  We try our best to tame and socialise feral kittens.  The success of this usually depends on how old the kitten is when it comes to us, and the kitten's general disposition.  Our fosterers have had a good degree of success with this.  Wherever we can, we will work with a cat to ensure a successful introduction to domestic life.
We have an extensive range of leaflets about cats, cat care and cat ailments and may also have the answer to minor problems.  Our advice is not intended to be a substitute for professional veterinary opinions and you should always have your vet's contact details available.