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Volunteer Profile - Brenda May

My name is Brenda May and in 2001 I joined Epsom, Ewell and District Cats Protection and offered to help with fundraising. I do this by selling items on our CP stalls at various events e.g. May Pageants, Craft, Charity and Scout Fairs, Village Days and our charity week at Bourne Hall. I don’t help out at all the events, but I do enjoy the work, meeting our customers and hearing the tales they tell of their cats. Setting up and packing away the stall can be a bit tiresome at times, but it is all part of the day and we often sell things during this time, so it does make it all worthwhile. At outside events the weather obviously has a great impact on how we do and it can be a tussle to keep our goods dry and in place when it rains or is windy, although we do have a gazebo (the one we have now is easier to erect than before, but I am always glad when it is up or down).

In September 2007 I helped set up and maintain the Membership database for our Branch. It is my job to record subscriptions, changes of address, new and withdrawn members. By sorting the database on the season joined (i.e. winter, autumn, spring and summer) I produce the labels together with reminder slips for the membership renewals that are due and also the labels for the remainder of our membership so that the newsletter can be sent out. Our Membership Secretary, Sally Dawkins, informs me when members have paid so that I record the information on the database; this is used for reconciliation purposes.

I also helped a little with the production of the autumn 2009 newsletter – on offering help, I was asked if I could find any cat images and paw prints that could be used. After trawling the internet for sometime without much success (the images I thought suitable appeared to be subject to copyright or a fee) I finally managed to come up with some.