Adopt a cat


We are always looking for kind loving homes for needy cats and kittens - all potential homes are visited prior to rehoming to ensure the most suitable match of cats to owners.


We have lots of cats who prefer their freedom, these cats ask very little, warmth, shelter, a regular food and veterinary treatment when required, they would love a home on a farm, at stables or a smallholding.
If you are in our area and could offer a cat a home then please phone: Anne on 01228 791364, or Ginnie on 013873 76738

Another way in which you can help is by sponsoring either one of our long term cats or a cat pen. If you sponsor a cat pen you will receive our local newsletter giving details of cats in care, fund-raising events and local stories. You will also receive a certificate with a photo of your chosen pen and regular updates on the cats and kittens resident in your pen, the cost of this is £10 per month.

We currently have three pens looking for sponsorship: Lucky’s Pen, The Memorial Pen and Sophie’s House.

Luckys’ Pen was kindly donated to us by a couple in memory of their cat Lucky. It is a family size pen capable of housing a mother with kittens or three adult cats, it has a covered run, enclosed sleeping quarters with electric light and heated bed.

The Memorial Pen was donated via The Cat magazine, the money raised from readers who pay to have memoriums of their cats printed in the magazine. It has a waist height sleeping quarters with a shelf, electricity, an access ramp, and a covered run.

Sophies House Sophie was an FIV cat. It cost over £1000 to build her a proper house with garden. We could have built an enclosure for less but felt that it was our duty to give her and her family a proper home, not just a little shed & run where they would have been bored. Sadly Sophie recently passed away but her purpose-built house continues to benefit other needy cats.

If you would prefer to sponsor a long term cat then you will receive our local newsletter, a certificate with a photo of your sponsor cat and updates on your cat’s progress. The cost of this is £5 per month, this money is purely spent on our cats, as there are no administation costs.

There are currently no cats available here.