What we do

What do we do with the money we get from our supporters?

We rescue and rehome cats: in 2013 we found homes for 56 cats and kittens . All of these were flea treated and wormed and all domestic cats rehomed were mcrochipped and vaccinated.

We neuter cats to prevent so many unwanted kittens: in 2013 we neutered a total of 636 cats. Since starting in 1997 we have neutered 8,119 cats!

We look after cats waiting for homes: we have from 15 to 30 cats in care at any time.

We help sick cats: in 2013 we paid for 79 cats to be treated by our vets.

We are struggling now with rising costs and reduced income. In 2013 fundraising raised just over £30,000.  Expenditure on food, litter and fostering, general expenses and goods for resale was £15,000 and the vets' bill was just over £22,000. So we are just about breaking even here.


If you can help us in any way, or would like to remember us in your will, please ring:
Ginnie 013873 76738 or Anne 01228 791364.
Anne 01228 791364

Other Ways We Can Help You

Neutering Vouchers -If you are on income support you may be eligible for a neutering voucher to help to pay the cost of neutering your cat, If you live in our area please contact Anne on 01228 791364 for details. If you live outside our area but are in the U.K then please contact HQ on 08702 099 099.

Lost & Found Register  - We operate a lost and found register for cats in our area, if you have lost a cat please give us a ring with the details. Ring Elspeth on 01387 750397 or Rena on 01387 750388.

Educational Leaflets are available both from local branches and from HQ, they cover everything from basic cat care, to parasites, cats and babies through to cats and the law. We will also give talks about the CPL to schools, WRI , local youth groups etc.