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Adopt a cat

Every year in the UK, Cats Protection as a national UK charity rehomes around 60,000 cats and kittens. Here in our corner of the world we are always looking for loving new homes for the cats and kittens in our care, and we do our part by rehoming hundreds of cats each year.

Check out the Cats Looking for Homes section to see all the cats we currently have available. We normally also have several cats in care that are still being vet-checked and prepared for re-homing, and which cannot yet be listed here, so please do contact us even if you don’t see quite what you are looking for.

If you can offer a lifetime of love to any of the gorgeous cats in our care, please complete the form on the page for the cat in question. Alternatively, you can leave a message on our answerphone at 01252 334 644 or email weyvalleycats@gmail.com to send us your enquiry. One of our volunteers will then get back to you for a quick chat and to arrange a short home visit. The home visit is purely to help us establish what type of cat would suit you best so that we can help you find your perfect pet.

Once the home visit is complete, you are then very welcome to come and visit any of the cats in our care that you are interested in. All our cats are cared for by volunteer foster carers in their own home, so may be located anywhere within the general Farnham/Aldershot/Alton/Bordon area.

All our cats will have been checked over by a vet and treated against parasites as appropriate in preparation for their new homes. They will also have been spayed or castrated unless already neutered. (The exception being kittens who are too young to be neutered – if you adopt an unneutered kitten you must agree to have the kitten neutered at the appropriate age – the charity can help with this cost if appropriate).

Cats Protection asks adopters for a fee when rehoming a cat. If you feel able to make a donation on top of the fee that would, of course, be gratefully received. It normally costs the branch a minimum of £150 to care for a cat and prepare it for adoption, so your generosity is much appreciated.

Thank you for your decision to rehome a CP cat – our cats are waiting to hear from you!