Lost and Found

If you have lost or found a cat there are a number of things you can do: put up posters, call local vets and charities, register the cat with Animal Search UK. We can post lost and found cats on our dedicated Lost & Found Cats Facebook Page, and also on our website. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the current lost and found cats in the Surrey and Hampshire area.

Animal Search UK

Cats Protection has teamed up with Animal Search UK to provide the UK's most advanced lost and found database. Animal Search UK is the leading search service for missing pets in Britain. They specialise in helping to reunite owners with lost or stolen pets. Their website is free to use, provides local and national coverage and offers free help and advice for people who have lost or found a pet.

Download paper collars here
I've lost my cat: If you have lost your cat, click the link to register your cat as missing. Report a Missing Pet
I've found a cat: If you have found a cat, please click the link below to register the cat at Animal Search UK. Register a found cat
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Think you've found a stray cat?

If there is a cat in your area and you are not sure if it is a stray, why not print a paper collars? This is a great way to check if the cat you are worried about has a home, and put the owners mind at rest if their cat keeps disappearing! 

Download paper collars here