Lost and Found

Five important things

  • It is important to remember that even cats with a regular routine can disappear for days at a time - don't panic!
  • Make sure your cat is microchipped and the information is kept up to date. Your cat should be easily identifiable so that their owner can be traced.
  • Stray cats found on the street aren't always without owners. Before you do anything, it is important to check whether the cat is owned or not.
  • Feral cats are the same species of cat as our pet cats, but are not socialised to humans - this means they behave like wild animals. Approach with caution.
  • If you're worried about the health of a stray cat, call: RSPCA on its emergency number 0300 1234 999 (England and Wales), USPCA 028 3025 1000 (Northern Ireland) and SSPCA 03000 999 999 (Scotland).

Lost a cat?

* Search first - Cats are very curious and can sleep in the most unusual places, thoroughly check all the rooms in the house including wardrobes, boxes and any cubby holes. When checking outside be sure to look in hedgerows, sheds, garages and vehicles.

* Shake a food container, calling their name, early morning or late at night too being these are quieter times of day.

* Use your cat's sense of smell:- Place something with your cat's scent in and around the garden - this could be used litter, dust from the hoover or hair from their brush, or perhaps a toy or blanket.

* If your cat is microchipped, contact the microchip company to register your cat as missing.

* Contact all vet practices and rescue centres in the area.

* Check local newspapers and use social media! Post a picture and description of your cat on your own Facebook page as well as community groups to see if the cat has been listed as missing. 

* Contact our local Cats Protection Lost & Found Team:

By Email to                          Lost.catsbournemouth@gmail.com (including photos of cat where possible)

By Facebook message to    Cats Protection Bournemouth & District, or

By Phone to                         01202 946 303          

To find out more about lost cats click HERE     


Found a Cat?

* Ask your neighbours if they recognise the cat, and make and put up flyers – there might be someone searching for their lost pet.

* If the cat is sick or injured, call the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999 (UK), USPCA on 028 3025 1000 (NI) or SSPCA on 03000 999 999 (Scotland).  Please do not bring the cat to the centre as we do not have any veterinary services on site. 

* If the cat has been around less than 24hours and appears healthy try not to encourage it by feeding straight away, give the cat a chance to go home. If the cat doesn't appear to be going away and no one has claimed it within a few days you may need to monitor and feed the cat temporarily.

* Do not invite the cat into your home.  If the cat is in need of shelter, access to shelter such as a shed or outdoor covered area should be provided.

* Check local newspapers and Facebook community groups to see if the cat has been listed as missing.

* Should three days have passed, and the cat is still hanging around then if you are able to put the cat into a cat carrier, contact a local vet practice who will be happy to scan the cat for a microchip.  

NB: Older cats may look thin and underfed but this may be due to a medical condition so removing the cat could mean it misses several doses of important medication.

To download a paper collar, please click here.

* Notify our local Cats Protection LOST & FOUND team:

By Email to                          Lost.catsbournemouth@gmail.com (including photos of cat where possible)

By Facebook message to    Cats Protection Bournemouth & District, or

By Phone to                         01202 946 303          

To find out more about found cats click HERE    


Add the cat to our waiting list- If you have made several enquiries directly and through our Lost & Found team with no sign of an owner and still need help with a stray cat you can contact us via ferndown@cats.org.uk or 03000 120 175 and other local rescue centres and enquire about having the cat re-homed.


NB: Cats Protection highly recommend that cats are micro-chipped, this is harmless and permanent and will help to reunite many lost pets. As a charity we also recommend that all cats are neutered to help prevent wandering plus providing many other health benefits for your cat.