Adopt a cat

Are you looking to adopt a cat? We have lots of cats looking for new homes.  
There are two main reasons we have cats & kittens on our website. Some have been rescued by us and are being fostered by Frome & District volunteers in their own homes, these can be viewed below.

In addition, we have cats whose owners for numerous reasons have to find their loving pets new homes. These are not with our fosterers but remain in their homes. View our cats for rehoming here.

We have cats suitable for all kinds of home environments. Some cats are a great fit if you have children and/or other pets. Other cats need lots of space so if you live in a rural environment it would be ideal for them. And if you think that living in a flat means you're not able to adopt a cat then you may be in for surprise as we often have cats who need an indoor-only home for a number of reasons - please view our cats to find the perfect indoor cat for you!  

If you'd like to adopt a cat but don't see one that you feel is suitable, please call us anyway, we might have one available that's not been listed yet.

For more information on any of these cats, please call & leave a message on 07733 390345, or email, it might take a while as most of us work, but we will get back to you.

Some of the cats in our care may not yet be on our website. If you are looking for a feline companion, please contact us on 07733 390345