Adopt a cat

We are open for viewings every day 11am till 3pm except Wednesday's when we are closed. 

You don’t need an appointment during these times you are more than welcome to just pop in and meet the cats.  Please read through the information below to prepare for your visit.

We believe we can find the right home for every cat in our care.  It is so important for both your family and the cats that we match up your home circumstances with the most appropriate cat for you.

When you visit the centre we will ask you to complete our Home Finders Questionnaire, this asks you questions such as how many people live in your home? Do you have children? How long are you out for on a daily basis?

We will check your postcode to ensure that there are no nearby busy main roads or railway lines. If there are then we may suggest an indoor cat or kitten.  Or a cat that has previously lived in an equally busy area.

We will ask if you rent or own your property.  If you rent your property then we will need to see permission from your landlord or housing association that you can have a cat.  This can be in the form of a tenancy agreement, an email or letter from your landlord.  We cannot let you reserve a cat without this.  This is due to the high number of cats we take in and rehome as a result of landlords not accepting cats.  Cats Protection have launched a campaign called Purrfect Landlords that gives landlords information on allowing cats in rented accommodation.  This can be accessed at

We will need to see proof of address with your name and address on.  This can be a driving licence or utility bill.

We will introduce you to cats that we think will be a good match.  When you find your new addition to your family we can reserve them for adoption.  We can reserve them for up to 7 days and we will book in an adoption appointment to come and complete the adoption paperwork and collect your cat.  You cannot take a cat home at this first visit unless this has been discussed and agreed by a member of the team.

The Adoption fee is £80 per cat or kitten.  Every cat and kitten in our care will be…

  • Vaccinated and come with a vaccination record card
  • Microchipped – we transfer the details for you
  • Neutered – Kittens under 12 weeks will come with a neutering voucher to cover the cost
  • Covered by 4 Weeks free pet insurance
  • Protected from fleas & worms until their top-up date
  • Be vet checked and information given for any medical conditions
  • You will receive a Welcome Home pack that contains lots of useful information on settling your cat in.

If you are wanting to adopt a kitten, then some of our kittens have to be rehomed in pairs.  This will depend on each litter of kittens and their circumstances.  Kittens need 3 feeds per day usually including a lunch time feed so you will need to ensure you are not out for any longer than 4 hours per day or that you have someone who can call in to feed them and give them some attention.

To see all of our cats and kittens currently looking for their new homes please visit

We look forward to seeing you soon...

Some of the cats in our care may not yet be on our website. If you are looking for a feline companion, please contact us on 03000 121 505