At Cats Protection we welcome volunteers with open arms, whether you are young or old, male or female, there's a place for you with us!

It is a fantastic chance to meet like minded people, help get cats healthy, and to find unwanted cats and kittens new homes. We would however ask that you only apply if you can make a fairly regular commitment as obviously our cats need care every day.  
If you are interested in volunteering for us in any capacity please do contact us - and if we do not have room currently we are happy to add you to our waiting list. Volunteer opportunities do arise unexpectedly so it is helpful for us to have some potential volunteers to contact!  
If you think you can help or would like to find out more about any of our volunteering roles please call the centre on 03000 121 505 or email gildersome.volunteer@cats.org.uk 

Fosterer Volunteer

Across the UK many of our feline friends are cared for by volunteer fosterers who provide a stable, safe and loving environment in their homes or in purpose built pens in their gardens. They provide vital hands on care and accommodation to stray, abandoned cats or cats whose owners could sadly no longer keep them, and are part of a dedicated team of volunteers committed to finding new homes for cats in need. Most of our fosterers care for one or two cats at a time and enjoy providing lots of TLC to those cats which have been pre-loved or have had a difficult start in life. Some of our fosterers look after new mums and kittens and provide round the clock care to new-borns with tummies to fill and lots to learn. No matter what type of cats they have in care our fosterers provide the best start to the next stage of their lives.

Closing date: 30 May 2021