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As a charity, the work we do is dependent on your generous and continuous support. Learn more about our work. We are very grateful for the scale of support we receive; it is comforting to know that so many of you are concerned and passionate about cat welfare. However there is always more work to do. If you would like to support us- please read below for ways to do so.

Running an adoption centre is an expensive business. Each cat that comes into our care costs on average £180, and the figure is often much higher than this. We charge £75 for every adoption (£110 for a pair), but this obviously does not cover the expenses of caring for the cats in our care. 

All donations are gratefully welcome. To make a cheque donation please address all cheques to Cats Protection Glasgow Adoption Centre. To make a cash donation please do so at the centre.


If you love cats then you will love becoming a Cats Protection Member. 

Membership puts you at the heart of our work; providing shelter, food and loving care to the many unwanted and abandoned cats and kittens who come into our care each year.

As a member you will be joining a special group of supporters who are as passionate about cats as you are.

You can join us from just £5 a month by Direct Debit or through a one-off payment of £60 for the year.

When you become a Cats Protection Member, your kindness will make a difference to all the cats and kittens we care for.

From hand-feeding kittens and finding loving new homes for older cats, to giving life-saving veterinary care to those who are sick or seriously injured, our vital work never stops. 

It is thanks to the support we receive from cat lovers, like you, that we are able to be there for so many cats and kittens when they need us most.

To find out more please click on this link:

With up to 220 cats at one time, we go through a lot of food, toys and bedding.  If you would like to make a physical donation to our centre, please call us on 0141 779 3341 or email us at We can let you know the best way to do this, and the one that is easiest for you.

We have set up an Amazon wish list of items the cats need and would love. There are plenty of items to choose from, and we have tried to include a range of prices. All purchases are very much appreciated by us and the cats that will be able to enjoy them.


What will happen to my cat after I am gone” is a common concern of many cat owners today. By signing up to our Guardian Scheme we can prioritise your cat on our waiting list, helping to bring them into our care should it be needed, as fast as possible.

Our aim is to find the cats in our care a perfect home as quickly as possible. Therefore rather than sponsoring an individual animal, you can sponsor one of our pens instead. Sponsorships can be as little as 19p per day- and the funds help us achieve our goal of rehoming every cat with the right owner as quickly as possible. 

The cats protection lottery costs just £1 a week, and you will have 200 chances to win a weekly prize draw of between £50 and £1000! There is also a quarterly super draw raffle you will automatically be entered into- with a jackpot of £10000! 


"The Cat" is the official publication for Cats Protection, and subscription is just £15 a year. Each issue is packed with a variety of feline news, views and features. All subscriptions to the magazine help care for, rehome and neuter cats in the UK- while also helping to inform the public on feline issues.