Golden Oldies

We hope that our older cats do not get over looked, as they still have so much joy to bring to a new family. There are many benefits to owning an older feline, they already come with manners, are more calm, the days of them wandering will be in the past and the relationship between human and cat can be much stronger. If required, Cats Protection will help with medical costs for any conditions these older cats may have.

Meet PHOEBE...this is what her fosterer has to say about her..."Phoebe is adorable - loves a good chin scratch, loves a cuddle and is a chatterbox at times. She's one of the sweetest cats that we've had! She does like her own company at times, where she'll take herself off to sleep for hours on end in another room. She does that more than being a lap cat. She loves to get involved with what you are doing. She's got a lovely temperament, with an occasional burst of excitement, where she may run up and down the stairs quickly or attack a mouse toy. But that will be it for a day or two!!"

Phoebe is 12 years old and has been a much loved cat. But now her owner is moving to a place where Phoebe would not be able to go outside and her owner does not want to restrict her to life as an indoor cat. She needs a quiet, settled home, well away from busy roads. Ideally she would prefer to be an only cat but may settle with a quiet, older male cat as long as there is room for them to have their own space when they choose. Phoebe has never lived with a dog but she may accept a quiet older cat friendly dog. But it would depend very much on the dog.

Phone Gill on 01749 850660 if you could be the very lucky person to give Phoebe a new home.


FREYA is a gentle 13 year old female whose owner had to move from a house to a small flat on a busy road and could no longer give Freya the sort of freedom she was used to. Freya was unhappy about this so sadly her owner had to hand her for re-homing, for Freya's sake. She loves to be brushed and cuddled and likes to sit by your side rather than on a lap. She is a chatty cat too.

Freya is not a playful cat, she thinks those days are behind her, but she is very keen to watch the outside world from her pen so will clearly want a home where she can explore the garden.

She isn't keen on other cats and isn't used to a dog. We would like to home her in a quiet settled home without young children, where she can just relax and be part of her new family.

Please phone Tina on 01458 835179 to offer the lovely Freya a new loving home.






HOLLY is a beautiful 13 year old fluffy brindle and white tortie, who is very affectionate once she gets to know you but will be quite shy initially. But she will be a lap cat and also a chatty girl so can provide real company during the dark nights ahead!

Holly has had a disruptive year because her owner has had to work abroad and Holly wouldn't settle in the family home he found for her. There were dogs who she didn't care for. Holly needs a quiet settled home with no challenges and lots of love and to be given time to readjust and settle.

Please phone Pauline on 01749 840293 if you could give Holly the loving home she needs to flourish and blossom.


MARLOW is a gentle 12 year old boy. He's initially a little shy but is a friendly fellow who just wants a quiet life. We believe he’s been fending for himself for a while. His owner moved away a few years ago and we understand the person he was left with didn’t really want him, so someone else started looking after him, but died a few months ago. He loves his food and the warmth of his heated bed and purrs when being combed. He's healthy and has a good appetite. To find out more call Janet on 01749 880545.