Success Stories

The following are some of the cats that our branch have homed over the past few years. We all like to read a happy ever after story and of course see photographs of the cats in their new homes. This is the reason we do what we do and makes all the hard work at times worth it.


SOLOMON...his new owner says he has settled in fabulously....favourite things to occupy his day are napping, hiding and jumping out at me regularly, napping, silently supervising all jobs from a 2m distance and more napping. Thank you very much for helping us find each other!

TEDDY was looking for a special home because of his dietary requirements and he is now in a wonderful new home, as you can see from the photo is very happy and relaxed.
From unwanted stray to pampered puss! FLUFF is most certainly leading his best life as a pampered puss. A world away from his life as an unneutered tom cat fending for himself on the streets.


"MILO and MISTY came into care at the end of June 2021 from a farm in the area, along with 3 other siblings. They hadn't had any human interaction before that and weren't very happy about their new temporary home at first but they soon came around and as you can see, they have grown into the sweetest lovebugs who clearly adore their family."

BUDDY seems to have settled in perfectly
; he’s certainly made himself at home. He comes and goes as he pleases now but he seems to spend most of his time asleep and snoring.


Peaches (now known as POPS as she purrs like a popcorn machine!) is absolutely thriving and has brought the biggest joy to our lives. She makes us smile daily, keeps us company when either of us are home alone, and is just so adorable! She loves the garden and flattening our garden flowers to lie out and enjoy the sunshine, but is also a home bird and loves a cuddle with us at night. Thank you for letting us adopt her. We love her to bits and everyone we've introduced to her has fallen for her too.

Here is ARCO enjoying the sunshine. Now that Spring is here, he's outside alot and thoroughly enjoying climbing trees in the garden and the orchard.

SCAMP came to us just after Christmas and is now happily settling into his new home! As you can see this handsome boy has already picked out his favourite spots and is making himself very much at home with his new family who absolutely adore him.

FLEA named because when she was a kitten she could jump as high as a flea. She is very happy and relaxed in her home.

ACAI is settling well, every day she comes out of her shell a bit more. All her things are in the utility room but she much prefers being with us in the lounge and just goes out there for her food and litter tray. As soon as we speak she purrs and loves her head tickled. She is a lovely cat, we are so happy with her, she has made our house a home.

FREDDIE enjoying his first venture outside at his new home. He is very happy in his new surroundings and adored by his new family.

BASIL was adopted by his fosterer. Here he is on the first morning in his new home, as you can see very laid back and relaxed. At 14 years old he has found himself a quiet home to enjoy his retirement years.


IROH and SAPHIRA were part of a litter of 7 kittens who were born in our care last September and found their home together at the beginning of December. They are thriving in their new home and enjoy regular naps and cuddle sessions.

JILL and TOM were adopted just before Christmas and have settled in well.

IZZY (was Nora) has settled in really well. Her character is very playful and she loves to chase her toys. She now goes into the garden during the day for a runaround and returns indoors on a high, running around the house like a crazy cat.

 LUNA and MOFFETT are enjoying meal times side by side in their new home.

 FLYNN has settled into his new home very quickly and looks like he enjoys watching the TV!

TIGGER was homed as an indoor cat because he is FIV+. His new owner says he is absolutely perfect and getting cheekier by the day! He is happy, confident and a chilled cat. 

TILLY is now out and about in her new garden and enjoying life after lockdown!

LEXIE has settled very quickly into her new home.


HILARY and PRINCESS were adopted as kittens and are now enjoying the summer.

FRANKIE and CHESTER are enjoying life in their new home, no doubt exploring and getting up to mischief or sleeping when tired from all the fun and games.

ZIGGY was the biggest kitten in the litter and leader of the pack. Her new owners say she is fearless.

MATILDA has settled in fantastically well. She has been having lots of “Awfully Big Adventures”. We have gradually been introducing her to different parts of the house, and she's so bright she takes it all in at once. She even figured out the stairs yesterday! She is currently fast asleep in her little bed under the radiator in the kitchen, after having all sorts of fun all morning. One of her favourite things is to sit on my shoulder like a parrot! She even falls asleep there. And she loves laps. She loves our company, and we love hers too!

SOX looks very content in her new home.

STAN and OLLIE are now 9 months old, neutered and loving the outdoor life, exploring the gardens. Ollie is 4kg and Stanley is catching him up at 3.55kg. They are both so loving. Photo showing them playing in the water fountain after we'd cleaned it. Another photo of them at 11 weeks old and enjoying life in their new home and growing by the day. Stan (sitting behind Ollie) was for reasons unknown rejected by their mother so had to be hand reared. The photo shows him being bottle fed at one day old!

MILLIE is settling really well into her new home. She looks so happy.

BERYL has already settled into her new home.

LUCY is settling into her new home and is very much adored by her new family. 

his is LUNA, we rescued her at 4 months old. When she first arrived she was cuddly but very skittish. She's now the cuddliest cat, she's still only 10 months old now but has grown so much personality in the time we've had her. Now she never stops talking to us!

MONTY is a lap cat. A very clever kitty. Never seen a cat flap till now and already using it (only the indoor one - the outdoor one is locked).

HECKLES sleeps on the end of my bed in her little bed and directly below me (under the bed). She is such a beautiful, sweet, loving little girl. She is getting into our routine and she comes in the living room in the daytime and by evening she’s on the end of our bed waiting for us. Thank you so much, we all love her to bits.

These two recently adopted kittens are enjoying life in their new home. Their mother is GRACIE (see below).

Beautiful GRACIE came into our care as a stray with kittens. Her new owners say "she adores company but rarely chooses to go out. She prefers to be out in the garden when we are. She is such a lovely little thing."

It didn't take long for HAZEL to settle into her new home, she is either running around at 100mph or fast asleep.

SNOWY is very happy in her new home and enjoying exploring her new garden. She has encountered the next door cat through the glass door.

PEACHES is a wonderful little cat who has settled in really well - she sleeps with the dogs and is very happy when they meet - she isn't phased by them all together and if they come into the conservatory always is with them sleeping close.  As you can see her bed is my handbag.  She is still playful but less so as she explores everything.  She is going out onto the patio but remains a bit nervous of going too far always running for the backdoor so it is still work in progress.  She is a little character and a joy to me.  She has just started coming to me when I call so that gives me more confidence when she goes out properly.  She does what Barney did by watching for me when I come home and greeting me at the door.

JASMIN is settling in with her new family and has a new name Jazzy McCat.

This is PIXIE. We got her over a year ago. Shes seriously changed my life so much. She makes me smile, laugh and awwwww so much. She can also be trouble and brings us gifts haha. She really is the best cat I could ask for. Thank you SO MUCH.

Kitten MIKA is settling well into her new home.

These kittens (7 months old) were adopted via direct homing. They are now called COSMO and MAGIC and are settling in beautifully - we just need to successfully integrate them with Amber cat (the sister of our previous black cat Blueberry who we sadly lost in December), which will take a little longer. 

HECTOR came into our care as a stray and had to have his ear tips removed from cancerous growths. He was a very shy boy but has quickly blossomed since finding a home with a patient owner. The picture of him in her arms says it all.

I have just managed to get this photo of BLUE having a cuddle with his new brother Bob whilst enjoying the sun on my bed!! He has settled so well he is really happy and a big part of our family. He still isn’t too keen on our dogs but he is learning to live with them and ignore them. We are all so happy that we adopted him and didn’t just go and buy a new’s a nice feeling knowing that we have given him a second chance.

DYLAN came into our care as a stray. But this senior boy landed on all four paws as he is now a resident at the Bath Retirement Home for Cats where he can be found enjoying snoozing in the sunshine.

We invited my mum to stay with us a couple weekends ago not long after she had to have her dog put down. She didn't know we had PIPPIN so it was a little surprise for her when she met him. From the minute she arrived in the house he was constantly round her. When she sat down he was straight on her lap. With us he was in the habit of playing in the evening however with my mum he just settled quietly on her lap and didn't try and play at all. When she went to bed he laid down outside her door and didn't move until she got up in the morning. He did this for the three days whilst she stayed with us and this brought her great comfort. He did the same for me last week when I was dealing with the sudden loss of a dear friend. He is a very special boy who is very loving and brings great comfort when it is most needed.

TWIZZLE looking very settled and relaxed in her new home.

STANLEY is settling in well.

PHOEBE has been adopted by her fosterer who fell in love with her. Phoebe is as gorgeous as ever. She definitely knows she’s our baby now, so much love there! 
She must hear my car reverse on the drive when I get home from work and is waiting for me at the door. She gives the best welcome home cuddles and kisses. She’ll also follow me around the house meowing for a cuddle at times, I love it!! Here’s a photo of her enjoying the outdoors - now the cat flap is open she hardly goes out but that maybe because she’s a warm weather kitty.